Workout Wardrobe Tips - Return To The Gym With The Right Gear!

With gyms set to reopen in April, the long wait that we’ve all been enduring is finally about to come to an end! With the relief of the gym life returning comes the need to consider what workout gear we’ll be stepping into the gym in.

Wearing the right activewear while we workout can actually impact how well we train in many ways…from boosted comfort, to more confidence to more physical support. Workout clothes can play a massive role in how well we train!

Keep reading as we take a look at some of the most important activewear features to look out for when choosing workout clothing that can really support you on your fitness journey!

Appropriate Activewear Is A Must

If you’re serious about working towards your fitness goals, then it’s super important to support your progression as much as possible. This means accompanying an active lifestyle with the right nutrition as well as enough rest. We can also support ourselves while we actually train- we can stay hydrated, follow workout schedules, push ourselves….and also wear the right clothes!

Women’s activewear is specifically designed to be the ideal attire for training in. It’s also constantly advancing with designs being more able to support women in getting the most out of their training sessions and workouts.

So, what actually are some great features to look out for when shopping for the workout wardrobe? Let’s take a look!

Activewear Features To Look Out For

What makes certain activewear pieces better than others is how they’re designed and how their design features can benefit the women who wear them. Let’s look at some features to look out for and how these features can elevate your training experience!


When we exercise, our body temperature begins to rise and the more we push ourselves, the more our temperature will go up. Our bodies respond to this through sweating – sweating is our natural mechanism for cooling down. Whereas some pieces of clothing may be comfortable for lounging around in, such as everyday leggings, these clothing pieces may not be the most helpful when we’re really working up a sweat as they can retain both moisture and heat, not what you want…

With this in mind, it’s key to make sure that we choose activewear pieces made from breathable materials, such as synthetic materials.


As women, we all know just how annoying and distracting the feeling of physical discomfort is when trying to get something done. It really is so annoying…and it’s a potential problem that can follow us into our training sessions too. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, activewear is now designed to take these matters into consideration.

Supportive sports bras can help to ward off breast discomfort and pain whist we move our bodies around. Our very own LBL sports bras work to minimise the level of movement in our breasts as we move, keeping them secured and protected.

High waisted leggings and cycling shorts are also great for support! The high waist design helps to support our sensitive abdominal areas, keeping us protected yet comfortable while we train. The best workout pants are those that keep us comfortable and supported whilst bringing ease to our lower bodies.



Women’s workout clothing does not have to be basic or boring! What we wear is an expression of our personality…and this is something that you can also maintain when in the gym. Here at LBL, we’re all about making sure that you can work out in style! With a wide range of eye-catching colours and designs, there’s something for everyone!

All of our activewear pieces combine fashion with functionality!


The Benefits Of Great Activewear Are Incredible

The right activewear will not only help you to stay comfortable, supported and looking absolutely great while you sweat it out at the gym…it can go beyond all of that. The better you feel while you train, the greater your level of confidence and self-belief can be. These are two characteristics that can really drive you forward with all aspects of your life. So, when picking out what to fill your workout wardrobe with, be sure to consider whether your choices can help you with all parts of your fitness journey!