Workout tips: Do you need to wear a sports bra when exercising?

Yes!! Sports bra are very helpful when it comes to exercising for many different reasons. Every time someone thinks about yoga, weight training, jogging, walking and biking, among many other physical exercises, they think about comfort while exercising. Having boobs, especially the ladies with bigger busts may realise that without a sports bra, it is very difficult to achieve a good level of comfort whilst exercising.

The reason why you even wear your typical bras is to support the breasts and minimise their movement as you undertake your daily activities. If this doesn't happen and your breasts are free to bounce around the chest, the tissue will get irritated, and you may eventually experience chest pains which I think is the last thing you want to experience whilst exercising in the gym or outdoors. 

A few women can tolerate working out without a bra, mainly due to their breast sizes, but a good number of women wouldn't bear the chest pain, discomfort and bruises from not wearing a bra. Now let's get into the reasons;

Avoiding embarrassments

An ill-fitting bra unsuited for exercise could be a recipe for wardrobe malfunctions. I also don't think you would be comfortable jumping up and down with loose or unfit bras in the gym. If this is what happens to you or you are in constant worry that something like this might happen to you, it can distract you from having a comfortable workout. Why not get a sports bra to reduce the chances of embarrassment. 

Breast Movement causes pain and discomfort.

If your breasts are not supported well, there are greater chances that you will experience pain and discomfort as you exercise. This is very likely to cause more problems and eventually reduce your overall performance. Avoid this by purchasing high-quality sports bra for your next fitness session.

Get a supportive, comfortable sports bra for your workout.

If you are one of the women that cannot tolerate working out without a bra, then there's need to get a perfectly fitting sports bra. The sports bra to go for should fit perfectly fine and offer the needed support depending on the size of your breasts. Here are a few ways;

Get into details

When you are out shopping for a sports bra, it's always a good idea to get more information, especially when it comes to the style and the material of the bra. Make sure your brand implements some form of moisture-wicking technology, has a seamless design and ventilation perfect for allowing natural air in.  

The strap styles

The strap styles can also make a big difference. Sports bras come in aesthetic straps. You should go for the straps that meet at the back for extra support. This minimizes bounce and makes it easy to adjust your bra.

Compression vs Encapsulation Bras

Compression bras will hold your breasts tightly on your chest suited for low to medium impact activities. While the encapsulation bras will support your breasts using the bra caps, which are perfect for low, medium and even high impact activities. Depending on the type of exercise, you may have to choose between these two types of sports bras. 


The materials and the fabric used to make sports bras makes a huge difference. Sports bras come in varying fabrics. For that reason, you may choose cotton bras because they are soft, comfortable and breathable. Though, you can go for spandex bras if elasticity is a factor. Lastly, there are some bras made of microfiber and synthetic fibre. These are the best because of their breath-ability, but are usually very expensive. 


Is it necessary to wear a sports bra while exercising?

Yes, sports bras are very beneficial, especially when doing high impact exercises. When undertaking any form of physical activity such as weight lifting, jogging, step-ups, Stair-master, Goblet squats and walking lunges, your breasts will keep bouncing up and down, which can cause soreness and pain. Consequently, your overall exercise experience will be affected, which will eventually affect your performance.

How can I work out without a sports bra? 

It's possible to workout without sports bra but bear in mind the lack of enough breast support could lead to pain, soreness and discomfort. I encourage considering sports bras for all types of physical activities. 

What type of sports bra is the best for the gym?

When you are choosing a sports bra for your gym activities, it might make more sense to go for the encapsulation types because they hold your breast lightly on the chest but still offer the right support. I think that the compressor type is perfect for jogging and related exercises. So, take your time to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of choosing any of the sports bra types available. 

Do sports bra damage breasts?

No, as a matter of fact, sports bra are actually going to benefit your breasts. Studies show that unsupported breasts are very likely to move up and down when someone is exercising, which can cause pain, soreness and discomfort. 

Regardless of the type of physical activity you want to be involved in, you should have the right bra for breast support, this is not just for support but also for comfort.