Women Struggling To Gain Muscle Mass – An Intel on Muscle Gain

To lose body fat and gain muscle is the dream of most women. To get lean legs, defined arms, and uplifted backsides, they go through extensive workout routines. But they lack one thing – the correct nutrition strategy.

Muscles are ever-functional metabolic tissues that require the right amount of basic nutrients to repair and grow. That's why your food intake for gaining muscle is quite different from what you eat when you're trying to lose fat. Women usually go on restrictive diets for losing fat. This, along with the low testosterone levels in women, hinders the muscle definition. Their body doesn't get the required amount of calories and nutrients to define muscles. Fad diets, low intake of fats and carbs, too much worry leading to unhealthy food consumption, also play an important part in restriction of the mass build-up.

Watch What You Eat - Quality vs. Quantity

Your ability to build muscle greatly depends on what you eat and when. Eating the right foods at the right time is important not only for your overall health but for effective muscle gain as well. Although the quantity of food is an important factor in gaining muscle, the quality of your diet is also an important factor to be considered. Therefore, instead of eating everything, try to include simple ingredient foods in your diet, and avoid processed food. Eat clean by consuming whole foods that have the right nutrients to aid in muscle gain. To add a balance to your intake, don't forget to add small portions of refined carbs and other energy-dense foods to your diet.

Level-Up your Endurance Limits

Strength training plays an important role when it comes to building muscle. Hence it is recommended to add a weight lifting routine to your workout. Don't directly get into lifting heavier weights; start with light weights. When your body feels, that minimum effort is being put into lifting the selected weights, it's time to level up. At this point, you can try lifting heavier weights.

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Set Achievable Goals-Be Realistic

The development of strength and muscle varies from person to person. Some people might show fast progress even though they are following the same workout program as you. You might feel that you're doing something wrong for not getting the same results. You need to understand that the body type and metabolism of every person is different. Maybe a workout plan or diet that works for you won't make much of a difference to the other person. Therefore, try to set goals according to your convenience. Go for a routine that works best for you. Aiming to get a 6-pack in one month while working out for only an hour a day will leave you demotivated. Your goal should be realistic and achievable.

Try to Understand Progressive Overload

As a beginner, it is recommended to start slow. Don't rush to lifting heavy weights straight away. To build momentum at a steady pace is the key to successfully gain mass and strength. If you start lifting heavy weights at the beginning, you won't be able to handle them. Your arm movement will be restricted because of the extra weight and will swing instead of performing the reps with controlled movement. Therefore, start with lighter weights and gradually increase the weight as you progress.

Which Exercises to Choose: Compound Exercises or Isolation Exercises

Consistency and repetition is a basic requirement for building muscles, but adding variations to your routine challenges your body and helps in acquiring the goal faster. When we talk about modifications, it means including compound exercises to your routine of isolation exercises. If you are a beginner, starting with compound exercises like squats, help you in working for several different muscle groups at the same time. Isolation exercises usually focus on a specific area and help maintain your chiselled look.

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Keep Progress Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race. Performing exercises at a rapid pace won't give you the desired results. With slow and controlled movements, there will be optimal stress on the muscle leading to more definition. Take time to inhale and exhale properly during your workout. This way, you will gain the strength to handle heavier weights and tougher exercise routines in the future.

Don't Compromise on Sleep

Lastly, your body needs to recover after a day of strenuous training. Most sportspeople follow a proper sleeping schedule to be able to perform well the next day. If you don't take adequate rest, your body will remain exhausted, and you won't be able to exercise properly. Therefore, getting complete 8 -10 hours of sleep is of utmost importance for the sake of your good mental health.