Why women should work-out more

Undeniably, working out has been very effective at improving one's quality of life as it helps in energizing and strengthening the body as well as its health benefits. Working out is one of the best tools for combating different illnesses such as heart disease, cancers, obesity, and others.

It is vital to know that engaging in any form of exercise at the right time consequently is better than none. One also needs to have a well-organized workout plan to abide by according to one's needs. A total analysis and the needed components for setting a workout plan for beginners are as follows;


It is good to have in mind all the interesting stuff you can do as exercise and all the benefits one can derive from it both psychologically and physically. It doesn't have to be that you do much to get the benefits, just a few minutes a day can help promote your well-being and health status. Some mapped out benefits derivable in working out include;

  1. It boasts one's mood and energy.
  2. It increases the density of one’s bone.
  3. It reduces stress and helps you sleep well.
  4. It improves one’s quality of life.
  5. It strengthens the lungs and heart.

All aforementioned benefits and more could be gained via working out one’s body no matter how small the duration even if it is just a 5-minute walk.


Most people who engage in workout activities mainly focus on a single type of exercise. According to research, it is very important to be involved in all types of exercises which are of different benefits. Although, engaging in one type of exercise can improve your ability and urge you to do the other types, but varieties help reduce the risk of injury and boredom.


Endurance activities known as Aerobics helps in increasing one's heart rates and breathing, improve fitness, and promote one's healthy life. These physical activities also help to delay and guard against many diseases and illnesses that are prone to adults like diabetes, heart diseases, breast cancers, etc. It also helps in the improvement of the heart, circulatory system, and lungs. A number of the physical activities that help to build endurance are jogging, dancing, hills, and stairs climbing, swimming, biking, playing football, basketball, or other sporting activities, and yard work.


Having enough strength can help you stay, active, independent, and perform day-to-day activities easily and swiftly such as stair climbing, carrying loads, and so on with little or no stress. Building up strength can be achieved by performing activities that strengthen the muscles to promote balance and prevents falls and their related injuries. Other strength promoting activities that are very essential in building strong muscles are weight lifting and using resistance bands.


Engaging in balance promoting exercises helps in guarding against falls which is a very common problem in older adults that has a high tendency of yielding serious consequences. Lower body exercises, one-foot stand, heel-to-toe walk, and Tai chi are typical exercises that can promote balance.


Flexibility exercises such as bending down to knot shoelaces, head spin, ankle stretch, and calf stretch exercises are perfect activities to engage in after performing other types of exercises such as endurance and strength exercises to improve the flexibility of the body.

There are some principles in the world of exercise set apart to help beginners have a well-organized workout plan and could also help them manipulate various components of their workout, which are;


This principle is an abbreviation to remember the exercise variables that need to be changed per time to keep the body challenged.

Frequency: The rate at which you exercise

Intensity: How hard you exercise

Time: The duration of your exercise

Type: The type of exercise

When you consistently begin to work out in accordance to a particular frequency, intensity, and time your body begins to manifest improvements such as changes in body weight, cardio endurance, percentage of in the body, and strength. Once the body gets accustomed to a particular FITT level, then this spells that you have to manipulate and step up one or more of them. For example;

Frequency: increase the rate at which you exercise

Intensity: add more speed, or increase the difficulty level of the exercise

Time: gradually increase the time frame of the exercise.

Type: Engage in another type of exercise

Doing these per time can help keep the manifestations of improvements of the body going.


This is about the progressive increase of the frequency, intensity, and time of your workouts to improve the fitness, endurance, and strength of the body by engaging in different types of exercises. These exercises involve changing from riding the treadmill to riding bicycles which increases the rate at which calories are burnt and changing from using dumbbells for biceps curls to using a barbell.


The Specificity principle points out the fact that the kind of exercise to be considered for participation should be in alignment with our goals e.g. athletes should engage in exercises that can help increase their speeds. Those who want improvements in their health status, fitness, and loss of weight should focus on total body strength, a healthy diet, and cardio. You just have to choose your exercise based on your goals.



It is very important to have a proper and accurate rest after intense exercises while we focus on getting involved in as much body workouts as possible to reach our loss of weight and fitness goals. Besides resting after workouts, there should actually be at least a day of rest in between strength-building workouts to give the body enough time to rest and prevent the body muscles from getting overworked.

Following all these guidelines can help you develop a well-organized plan for your workouts with fast approaching results. Depending on your goals, the best way to workout is starting with something simple and accessible. Always stay motivated to help you stay consistent. You can try a reward system for completing your workout regime.