What to look out for when choosing workout gear

Having the right workout gear when exercising is essential for working out efficiently and having a successful workout. There are many benefits to wearing clothes designed specifically for working out such as increased performance and support.

Athletic wear is extremely comfortable and versatile and has recently become a lot more popular. As a result, there are now a lot of options for workout gear and a lot of companies offering different types of workout gear. This means that there is something for everyone regardless of your personal style or budget.

It can become difficult to decide what to wear/purchase, however, due to the high availability and variability of the workout gear available. In this article we will explore the essential things that you should be looking out for when choosing your workout gear and how to get the most out of your gear.


Wearing clothes that fit properly can have a drastic impact on your comfortability and performance at the gym. You should wear clothes that are appropriate for the exercises you will be doing and the environment you are in. When choosing your workout gear you should tailor it specifically to the type of activities you will be engaging in.

Therefore, you shouldn’t wear baggy cotton clothes when working out but should instead opt for form fitting athletic or compression gear that provides proper support. This has the effect of stabilising your muscles, helping to prevent injury, and improving your functionality. It also helps support your body and reduce excess movement.

Additionally, if you are doing a sport, you should pick clothes that are appropriate for that sport so that you can perform to the best of your ability. For example, if you are running or cycling you should go for stretchy, form fitting, compression style trousers instead of wide-legged or loose trousers. This is because the form fitting option will reduce air resistance, improve performance and, in terms of cycling, will stop your trousers from getting caught in the pedals.


When choosing workout gear it is essential to pick materials that help to boost your performance and keep you cool and comfortable. Compression clothing is designed to be light, sweat wicking, and breathable. This works to draw moisture away from your body allowing you to remain relatively cool and dry while working out.

In comparison, thick cotton clothes do the opposite. They absorb moisture and trap sweat directly on your body. This makes working out extremely uncomfortable, reduces your performance, and increases the risk of you overheating. As a result, compression styled clothing is better suited for exercising and working out and are more appropriate for activities where you are likely to be sweating a lot.


Working out is a lifestyle which means you will be exercising throughout the year in different seasons and weather conditions. This is especially true if you exercise or run outdoors regularly. It is, therefore, essential to have workout gear that is appropriate for the weather and season that you are in.

In hot weather it is important to choose fabrics and materials that are light, breathable, and sweat wicking. It is important that you remain as cool as possible while exercising so that you are comfortable as well as to reduce the risk of overheating.

In the colder winter months, it is important to stay warm and to layer effectively so that you can train to the best of your ability. Since you will be exercising and raising your heart rate and body temperature it is important to dress in clothes and layers that are easily removable, such as compression style jackets and lightweight tops, so that you can remain comfortable at all times. Have sweat wicking materials as your inner layer and an insulating piece of clothing as your outer layer.

In wet or windy conditions, it is important to protect your body from the elements and to wear clothing that is appropriate for the conditions. You will still be working up a sweat and increasing your body temperature, however, so it is important to wear clothes that are comfortable and easily removable.


Working out can be intense and you are likely to put a considerable amount of wear and tear on your clothes. You should therefore invest in clothes that are durable and will last a long time. That way you won’t have to constantly be buying new clothes and replacing your workout gear. This will save you time and money in the long run and will help to take some of the hassle out of working out as you know you have good gear that you can be confident in.

When choosing your clothes focus on materials that are strong, sturdy, breathable, stretchy, and are of high quality. Avoid cheap or trendy clothes that are focused more on fashion than functionality. There are many companies, however, such as LBL that focus on both functionality and fashion that are both stylish and affordable. There are many options out there for you to explore and experiment with.


When choosing workout gear you do not have to go for basic styles and patterns. Once the clothes are functionally optimal it is ok to experiment and express yourself with different cuts and styles of clothes. This will help to boost your confidence and will make you feel more comfortable in the gym and working out. Exercising should be fun and rewarding and this extends to your clothing choices as well.

Essential workout gear for women


A short sleeve athletic top is essential in any workout wardrobe. Able to be worn on its own or as part of layering, this item of clothing is the base of your workout attire and is a staple in most people’s wardrobes. You should choose a top that fits well and is sweat wicking and breathable since you will be wearing it a lot and will be working up a sweat in it.

Sports bras

Sports bras are an essential item of clothing for women to be able to exercise effectively and comfortably. They provide support for your breasts and reduce any excess movement as you move around and exercise. The more intense the exercise you do the more support you will need, and sport bras are designed specifically to provide support, improve performance, and be increase comfortability for women while they exercise.


High waisted leggings, and regular leggings in general, combine comfort and support in a stylish manner. Compression leggings are great for almost any form of exercise from working out in the gym, to running to yoga. They are breathable and moisture wicking and will help to increase your range of motion and overall performance.


Having comfortable and breathable workout shorts will help you to stay cool and comfortable while working out and will also increase your range of motion. When running or doing leg exercise such as squats, having restrictive or uncomfortable shorts can reduce your performance and increase the risk of injury. It is, therefore, important to pick the right shorts for your workout.


Proper footwear is very important whether you are running or exercising in the gym. Having footwear that is appropriate for the activity you are doing greatly improves performance and comfortability and allows you to perform at full capacity for a longer period of time. The right footwear provides stability and support and also helps to prevent injury.

Having the wrong footwear for a particular exercise can greatly increase the risk of directly injuring your legs, such as a sprained/twisted ankle, or indirectly, such as causing pain in your lower back or other areas of your body. It is, therefore, crucial that you are mindful of the footwear that you are using and pick shoes that are appropriate for the exercise or sport you are doing.


Having the right gear when working out is extremely important to working out effectively and efficiently. This is even true for your choice of clothes and workout attire. It is essential to have workout gear that is optimised for the workouts/exercises you will doing and that fit well and are comfortable.