What Makes Us Stand out from the Other Women’s Fitness Wear Brands?

Choosing the right activewear is such a daunting task! There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider while buying your fitness wear. Many women want to have simple clothes with increased comfort while others make sure that their clothes are stylish to look at. Some of these ladies are apprehensive to buy activewear as they feel it'd cost them extra bucks, while others are fearful of any past bad experience they have encountered. 

Whatever the case is, no one can deny or ignore the benefits of getting appropriate activewear. They not only help you achieve an increased level of comfort but also helps you in being active. You might be wondering about the brands from where you should buy your fitness wear. There must be many options popping up in front of your eyes and but none of them really stood out to you. That must have left you feeling confused or discouraged. But, worry no more as we are here to relieve you of your dilemma. 

In this article, you will have a clear comprehension of the reasons and aspects that makes "Little by Little," the best brand for fetching women's fitness wear. There are a lot of aspects that sets us apart from the rest; let's have a look at each of them. 

Increased Flexibility: 

Each one of our activewear is crafted with utter consideration and attention to detail. Every single one of prepared with the aim to ensure perfection. Our activewear is extremely flexible. Unlike the other famous brand's activewear, which easily tears and thread off with a few stretches, our material is utterly flexible. It won't cut into your skin while you are busy doing those extensive workouts. 

Outstanding Durability: 

Our activewear is durable and sturdy. It is made with a particular blend of clothing fibres that are known for their durability. They can last extensively long. 

Active Moisture Absorption: 

If you are tired of the sweat and moisture dripping down your body during gym hours, then our activewear is a perfect choice for you. They absorb the sweat and moisture effectively and ensure that you stay clean and dry. They will keep you fresh and presentable even during those extensive workouts. 

Amplified Comfort: 

One of the major aims of our brand is to ensure that you stay comfortable and relaxed during gym hours and every time you don one of our pieces. That is why every single one of our piece is comfortable and convenient to wear. They are made by using soft yet sturdy material and perfectly hug your body without making you feel suffocated and itchy. 

Premium Quality Material: 

The material used to manufacture activewear is of the best and most amazingly flawless quality. Everything about it is high end and comforting. It is long-lasting and sturdy. Our pieces are crafted with moisture-wicking and stretchable material that is of utmost high-end quality. 


Our activewear is not only limited to use at the gym or during yoga. You can casually wear each piece outside the gym as well. They are suitable to wear anywhere. If you are planning to go to the market before or after the gym, or maybe you want to have a lazy Sunday, then you can easily wear our activewear and get that comfortable yet stylish look that turns heads.  

Make you look Ravishing: 

Our activewear is available in a lot of colours, textures, and patterns. You can pair up these pieces with each other and wear them together to create some statement looks. They are available in many vibrant and eye-catching designs and styles. We manufacture beautifully designed activewear for women

Extensive Variety:  

We offer a wide range of excellent quality activewear. Our most loved and widely used activewear items include:

  • Leggings: Leggings are one of our most widely used activewear items. Our variety of activewear leggings include scrunched, seamless, marbleized, and ribbed leggings in vibrant colours and different styles to fit your requirement and choice. 

  • Tops: We offer a wide variety of best quality activewear tops in various beautifully designed styles and vibrant colours. If you are a fan of darker shades, you may check out Leah Seamless Crop Top – Black, Nadia Seamless Crop Top - Dark Grey, Kira Seamless Crop Top – Grey, and Serena - Marbleized Grey. In case you are more into vibrant and candy colours, then you should check out Serena - bubble-gum pink, Alex Seamless Crop Top – Pink, or Kira Seamless Top – Pink, etc. 

  • Shorts: Our extensive variety of shorts include a blend of various colors, styles, and designs. Some of our favorite ones are Destiny Shorts, Dahara, Kelly shorts, Kempo orange, and of course, bubblegum pink. 

  • Sports Bras: Our sports bras are famous for their stylish looks, comfort, and reliability. Some of the most famous picks from our range include Molly Sports Bra, Venus Marbleized Gray, Dahara, etc. 

Perfect Fit: 

Our activewear comes in all sizes and are perfect for each body type. They hug your body in a way that ensures a perfect and comfortable fit. They give a proper shape to your body and helps you stay in shape effectively. They never cause halting of blood circulation or elastic marks on your body. You can easily and freely move your body without the fear of them cutting or scratching your skin. You won't even have to pull up or adjust your activewear after every other move at the gym. 

These are some of the factors that make us stand out from the rest. “Little by little” team is proud of what we have achieved over the years. With our consistent effort and outstanding qualities, we are well-reputed in the industry. Our items are not only of the best quality but also are quite cost-effective. Our customer's trust and positive feedback keep us going. We aim to continue being your favourite activewear brand for women.