Ways in which our workout shorts for women can be your fitness pal.

If you are seeking an outstanding option for women gym shorts, then you have landed on the right place. We are proud of each and every single one of our workout wear. But our gym shorts are by far our favourite. If you are a girl, in search of a reliable yet trendy workout shorts, then we have got a wide variety for you here.

We have an exclusive variety of gym wear, and every single one of our item is comfortable to wear and striking to look at. Let's have a look at all the options available for the active women

Our Shorts Range: 

    • Dahara: If you are looking for a mini short for those sweaty and hot gym sessions, then this is the right pick for you. It is available in all sizes. It will instantly glam up your look if you couple it up with our “Dahara” activewear bra.  
    • Destiny Shorts: This black coloured pair is manufactured using flexible and breathable fabric. It also has a pocket for you to put your mobile phone, we believe, having pockets makes everything instantly better! It will help you sculpt your bum and waist owing to its perfect fit and high waist.
  • Kelly Rose – Pink: If you are looking for a cute high-waist short, then this is the right pick for you. These shorts are squat proof and will help you carry on with your squat routine without any discomfort or hindrance. They are beautiful to look at, and when matched with our "Kelly top”, they look flawless! They are carefully crafted with a seamlessly smooth fabric to ensure increased comfort.
  • Serena – Sky blue: They are amongst the top favourites owing to their elegant and well put up look. These high waist shorts can massively support you during even the most intense workouts.
  • Molly Cycling Shorts – Green: This pair can be a perfect pick for a cropped short. It ensures a completely effective ultra-flattering feature that is its best part. It is crafted with a smooth design and elegant hue. Do top it up with our Molly top to get that stylish look! 
      • Molly Cycling Shorts – Red: Another one from the “Molly” range. It is just the same as the Green one, but it is red in colour. Red is vibrant, red is fierce and wearing these shorts will make you feel invincible too!  
      • Molly Cycling Shorts – Black: Just like the prior two, this one also stands out. It is Black in colour and sophisticated in looks. If you are a black lover, you would instantly fall in love with these. Impeccable quality with a fine look, such a great catch!  
  • Serena – Marbleized Grey: Marble texture and design are so in fashion these days. Why not try some marbleized shorts? These shorts are high-waist and quite trendy yet sophisticated in looks. They are capable of supporting you even in the most intense workouts. Sturdy, flexible and eye-catching, these are just some adjectives to talk about these.
  • Serena – Bubblegum Pink: Are you a pink lover? This super cute pink shorts will surely make a lot of head turns and eyebrows raised with praise and awe. These shorts are quite cute to look at, and while wearing these, you will feel liberated. They are specially crafted to give you increased comfort and flexibility during gym hours and even outside the gym.
  • Kelly – Marbleized Grey: These shorts will be the perfect fit if you are looking for something that not only ensures increased comfort but, looks great as well. These high waist shorts are not only sophisticated in looks but will also provide you with an ample amount of support and comfort you need during your workouts.
    • Tempo – Orange: Lastly, let's have a chat about these amazing signature shorts by us. These shorts are not only seamless but also gives you increased comfort, flexibility and run some extra miles. These shorts are manufactured using the premium quality blend of Spandex coupled with Nylon. These shorts are not only breathable but durable as well. These shorts are the best in absorbing moisture and keep you dry during the gym hours. These are extremely stretchable and comfortable in all aspects. These shorts are stylish in looks and heavy-duty in providing you support and comfort. The best part is their subtly vibrant shade; this orange colour is to die for. How lovely is it!

    In a Nutshell: 

    Every single pair of our gym shorts is made with the aim to be your best friend during your workout sessions. Our gym shorts are made with the best quality material blend. They are completely stretchable and flexible. Our shorts are perfect to be worn both in and outside of the gym. They are available in all sizes and a wide variety of different colours. The prices are pretty reasonable without any compromise on the quality of these activewear shorts. These shorts will give you the liberty to be yourself in the gym and challenging your strength and stamina in a better way.  They are made of breathable material and can easily absorb the sweat and moisture from your body, keeping you fresh, neat and dry. These shorts will give you a strong yet cute look. You can easily pair up these shorts with any top of bra-let to give yourself an active look. So, the next time you are out for activewear shopping spree, make sure to get your hands on these perfect-for-gym shorts and reap the benefits of these best quality shorts—our shipping process is super-fast and simple. We initiate the shipping process as soon as you place the order, and everything is managed smoothly by our team. What are you waiting for? Get yourself some trendy shorts from “Little by Little” now and spice up your workout regime!