Trending Styles- Pick Your Dress

Whether you’re contemplating what to slay in during the weekend’s antics..or seeking something comfy yet slick for a casual meet-up..or you want to really make an impression on date night…a dress can truly create an influential look for any occasion- combining elegance with a modernistic style! What’s so great about them is the variety in which they’re available, offering the potential to unlock multiple styles and looks...let’s take a look at some dress trends that are hot right now!

  • The Midi Dress

  • In between the length of the mini dress and that of the short maxi, we have the midi dresses. The midi dress can be seen as the ultimate dress, with its ability to suit all shapes and figures. This dress style does a great job in complementing our natural curves and empowering our femininity...presenting our beauty in abundance as well as a strong sense of classiness.

    Best for: those of us who aren’t the most petite..this style emphasizes lengths and curves to create the most striking of looks!

  • Off the Shoulder dresses

  • Sick of having to constantly shimmy up your dress to stop it from repeatedly falling? Well, if your answer is yes, then the off shoulder dress is a fantastic option for a modernistic dress trend which also supports comfort and stability!

    With this style of dress being available in numerous lengths and styles, the off the shoulder dress lets you flex an edgy look whilst also showing off those shoulders! With this trend growing rapidly, it’s become a common option for women to step out shining in a unique and bold off the shoulder dress!

    Best for: looking to show off the progress from all those arms and shoulders exercises? If you are, then this is a fantastic option for you.

  • Shirt Dresses 

  • Here we have another dress trend which combines chic with style! The shirt dress is ideal for those looking to construct a powerful look with ease and timeliness. This trend blends the simplicity of a shirt with the femininity of a dress, creating a style which is compatible with a wide range of occasion types, from professional to casual.

    With such a wide array of shirt dress styles and fits to choose from, why not experiment and see which style best suits you and brings out that inner fire! Best for: those looking to bring an edgy sense of class to any occasion!

  • Shift Dress

  • The shift dress trend has formed a popular silhouette for a very long time. With styles and fits available to suit all shapes and sizes for all sorts of occasions, the shift dress is truly versatile! Originally a trend which really blew off in the 60s, the shift dress trend gave women an ideal piece of clothing to flatter their figure. The trend has now evolved into what is now a wardrobe staple for many of us, resonating the essence of a timeless and truly classy look. Best for: those who want to really command  a room with a bold silhouette complimenting look!

    Dress to impress

    Dresses are a powerful item to have in your wardrobe. With the ability to help make you shine in near enough any type of setting; the dress is a versatile wardrobe staple. With so many different dress trends and styles available to us, let’s experiment..let’s strut..and let’s glow!