Top 6 reasons why proper workout gear is important

Exercising regularly is an incredibly beneficial habit to have for both your physical and mental health. Getting into an exercising routine will have many positive benefits for your life and there are a lot of things to think about when getting started such as your workout plan and nutrition.

One thing that can get overlooked is your workout attire/workout gear. You can technically work out in anything but going to the gym in basketball shorts or thick cotton t-shirts probably isn’t the best idea. Each job and sport have a particular attire that is the most appropriate for what they are doing, e.g construction workers wearing hard hats. The same is true for working out and exercising.

It is important to have workout specific clothing when going to the gym for many reasons. This article will explore these reasons and will also discuss what you should look out for when choosing your gear. Let’s get into it!

Benefits of proper workout gear

What you wear in the gym to exercise is almost as important as what you are doing in the gym. This is because workout gear is designed specifically for the gym and the types of activities you will be doing. This section will look at those benefits in more detail.

Helps prevent injury

Having proper fitting workout gear can help prevent injuries while working out. If you are wearing clothes that are too tight or that don’t provide enough support, you run the risk of injury while working out.

Workout specific gear is specifically designed to provide support and increase your range of motion while still being comfortable. This results in a safer gym experience and allows you to focus solely on the exercise you are doing and the way in which you are executing it in terms of your form.

Compression clothing is essential in helping to prevent injuries by regulating body temperature, reducing muscle fatigue, and increasing your range of motion. It also helps to keep your muscles in place and prevent excess movement which can be beneficial to injury prevention.

Improves performance

Workout gear is designed with particular types of movements in mind and is developed specifically for a certain type of exercise and environment. Wearing workout gear instead of your regular clothes will greatly improve your performance in the gym and will help you to see better results quicker and easier.

Workout specific gear improves your overall functionality and allows you to perform exercises with as little resistance as possible. Compression clothing boosts your overall performance in the gym by increasing blood and lymphatic flow which allows oxygen to be delivered quicker and more efficiently to your muscles.

Having a constant supply of oxygen to your muscles is very important for physical performance and having the proper workout gear aids in this process.

Improves mobility

Having the right workout gear is essential to having successful gym sessions and good workouts. One of the main reasons for this is due to the increased range of motion provided by clothes designed specifically for working out. They are comfortable and unrestrictive which allows you to perform various exercises effectively and to the best of your ability.

Wearing the wrong type of clothes in the gym can greatly reduce you range of motion and can be extremely restrictive. To curb this, it is worth investing in quality workout gear that will help maximise your mobility and performance. Workout gear, however, doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many affordable options available (such as LBL gear!) which work extremely well.

Can boost your confidence

Going to the gym and exercising can be a daunting experience for a lot of people. They can initially feel out of place or that they shouldn’t be there which results in them feeling uncomfortable and, ultimately, quitting.

Creating a workout habit and exercising consistently can be difficult for a lot of people. Finding things to motivate you is important and your clothes can be one of these motivating factors.

There is something to be said for ‘look good, feel good’. By having stylish and comfortable workout gear that is also inherently functional, you will feel more confident in the gym and will be able to work out to the best of your ability and get the most out of your gym experience.

With the rise in popularity in active wear and workout gear, you are able to get stylish and versatile workout gear at affordable prices meaning that it is accessible for most people.

Regulates body temperature

An intense workout session can leave you feeling tired but satisfied. It can also leave you extremely sweaty and warm. If you work out intensely in a thick cotton shirt you will be left feeling wet and heavy and can run the risk of overheating. This is because cotton materials absorb and retains moisture easily, trapping all the sweat from the workout directly on your body.

Workout specific gear, however, is designed to be light, breathable, and sweat wicking. This will draw the moisture away from your body which will allow you to stay relatively dry and comfortable throughout your workout. They also help to regulate your body temperature which allows you to stay cool throughout your workout and avoid overheating.

Provides support

One of the best aspects of workout gear, in addition to its increased functionality, is the amount of support that it provides. This is one of the main differences between regular clothes and clothes designed specifically for the gym. Compression style clothing, such as tops and leggings, stabilise your muscles and help to prevent excessive movement when working out.

For women, it is especially important to have the proper workout gear, specifically sports bras. Sports bras help to minimise excess movement and provide ample support for your breast as you move around and exercise. The more movement involved, the more support you will need! LBL’s sports bras are designed specifically to reduce breast movement and keep them comfortable and secure as you exercise.


Having the right equipment and tools when working out is very important and this includes your clothes. Workout gear is designed specifically for the types of exercises and movements that you will be doing in the gym and help to improve performance, provide, support, and give you confidence while working out.

There are many benefits to having proper workout gear and it is definitely worth the investment if you are serious about exercising and want to see better results in the gym quicker and easier.