Top 10 Empowering Female Fitness Influencers To Add To Your Instagram Feed!

The world of fitness is taking over!- and now, social media has become a massive hub for fitness-based content creators and those who enjoy seeing wholesome and helpful fitness content on their feeds!

Social media and platforms such as Instagram are like a double-edged sword, with the good, comes the bad too. Excessive social media usage has been widely accepted as being a cause of stress, anxiety and comparison, but…there are also accounts out there that seek to provide positive and inspirational fitness and wellbeing content for the mass audiences. These accounts and their content can really make a positive impact on your relationship with social media and what you gain from using it.

Join us as we explore some of the best fitness accounts to add to your feed- Let’s dive right in!

LBL’s Top 10 Female Fitness Influencers

1. Massy Arias

Massy Indhira Arias is a bilingual fitness trainer residing in Los Angeles. In addition to providing a wide array of fitness videos, guidance, and tips, Massy’s content also includes relatable content orientated around being a mother (to her absolutely adorable young daughter!) and a foodie. Her account is also a great source of inspiration, with before and after pics of her followers often being posted!



2. Emily Skye

Emily Skye’s content is absolutely brilliant for mothers seeking some inspirational guidance with their approach to easing back into training after pregnancy. Emily is known for her setting of realistic and achievable goals, something that has been super powerful for her followers. Check out Emily’s account wholesome account orientated around fitness, nutrition and family life!


 3. Alexa Jean

Alexa Jean Brown , is a mother of two who’s content is aimed at those living hectic and busy lives who’re seeking to fit in workouts and exercise with their non-stop lifestyles! Her content includes short and effective workouts that can be squeezed into any routine as well as partner workouts too. When it comes to a fitness account that really represents balance, Alexa’s account is top notch!



4. Chessie King

Chessie King’s Instagram has become a massive hit for its focus on empowering women of all shapes and sizes to approach their relationship with their bodies in a positive and healthy way. For content that combines the themes of exercise, body positivity, physical health and mental health, go check her out!


5. Ellie Hoad

Ellie Hoad’s content combines great instructional fitness videos, activewear advice and delicious recipes for delicious yet massively nutritional and enjoyable meals! Ellie’s fitness videos range from beginner level to advanced, making her content relevant and accessible for those of all experience levels!



6. Melissa Alcantara

Some of you may have read our blog on this truly inspirational fitness goddess- “A Guide To Body Transformations- Inspired by Melissa Alacantara’s Journey!”

Melissa Alcantara is a world-renowned fitness icon and trainer to the stars, but things haven’t always been so glamourous. For Melissa, the past 9-years have involved body image issues, depression battles, the birth of a child and being a young mother, the breaking of lifelong habits and an incredible desire and willingness to change things around for the better. Her Instagram provides not only no-nonsense workout videos but advice for overcoming challenging situations.



7. Davina McCall

For many of us, Davina may be better known as the renowned host of Big Brother and a true queen of British television. But…there’s more to this woman that her iconic TV achievements!

At the age of 53, Davina has shocked thousands with her super impressive physique! Her Instagram content involves workout videos, meal tips and an important focus on the need for self-care and rest days! Davina’s account is amazing if you’re seeking some uplifting fitness content!


8. Alice Living

If you’ve read our blog on Alice’s Lockdown fitness challenge, you’ll know exactly why she’s one of the UK’s leading female fitness personalities! Go check it out! – “Get Fit At Home During Lockdown! - Alice Liveing's 28-Day Fitness Challenge”.

Alice Living’s content ranges from daily workouts, lockdown training tips, delicious recipes and empowering messages! She also recently launched her own activewear range with Primark!



9. Adriene Louise Mishler

Some of you may be familiar with Adriene through her hugely popular YouTube channel- Yoga with Adriene. Her Instagram account provides wholesome content of instructional yoga poses, positive empowerment and cute snaps of her dog Benji!

Overall, her account provides positive energy in abundance-go check her out!



10. Alexandra Cane

Alexandra hit out screens through our favourite reality Tv show- Love Island! Since being on the island, Alexandra has gone on to wow thousands with her incredibly impressive transformation. Her account includes a variety of HIIT workouts as well as delicious meal-prepping tips! She also regularly shares images of her followers’ transformation is you’re seeking some truly inspirational content.




Make Social Media A Positive Place

So, those were our top 10 female fitness influencers for adding a dose of empowerment, motivation, guidance, inspiration and positive energy to your social media platforms! Go check them out and find out which accounts are the most aligned with your personal fitness dreams and current lifestyle!

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