The Best Free Yoga Apps!

Regardless of your age, background or level of experience, yoga can offer you a world of benefits, both physical and mental!

With technology now making every type of experience accessible from the tips of our fingers, it’s no surprise that you can now reap the rewards that yoga has to offer with the help of your mobile phone! Keep reading as we highlight some of the best benefits that yoga can bring to our lives as well as look at some of the best apps that you can download today for free!

The Benefits Of Yoga Are Truly Wonderful!

Yoga is a form of exercise that incorporates movements that are designed to improve strength and flexibility with the practice of slow breathing. Now, we could sit here all day and look through the amount of benefits that yoga can offer…yoga really can do a great deal of good for both the body and mind!

Here are some of the most renowned benefits associated with yoga!

Stress Relief

The way in which yoga combines activating and thoroughly stretching the body with deep meditative breathing has been linked with helping people to really connect with the present moment. Through this, yoga can support you in refocusing your mind away from the stress of your day-to-day commitments and instead filling the mind with blissful peace.

Researchers have also suggested that there is a close link between regular yoga practice and a better quality of sleep!

Improved Strength, Flexibility & Balance

The postures and movements involved with yoga target components of strength, flexibility and balance training! Yoga is an engaging and super effective way to incorporate all 3 of these components through a single form of exercise!

Yoga has also been associated with  easing the discomfort in joints for people with arthritis.

The Yoga-Heart Link

Yoga is linked with an improved heart health! Yoga offers a relaxing approach to exercise – studies have suggested that yoga has the ability to help lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels, making it a great heart-boosting practice. Yoga practices are also associated with increasing circulation and blood flow.

The Best Free Yoga Apps Out There!

Instructional yoga sessions can come in numerous forms, from YouTube videos to written guides! One of the most convenient ways to access guidance for yoga, is through your mobile phone!

The constant rise of yoga’s popularity has sparked a never-ending flow of mobile apps which work to teach, guide and support users on their yoga journey! Let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there- what’s even better is that these apps are completely free!


Yoga for Beginners Mind + Body


For newbies, this app is an excellent choice! The app not only offers a range of guided yoga workouts but also educates the user on what each exercise offers and how they can be best approached. The app breaks down the basics of yoga with the aim of preparing users for the next step of their yoga journey!


Yoga for Weigh Less Beginners


Looking to lose weight through a form of exercise that seeks to energise both the mind and body? If your answer is yes, then yoga is a must try and this app may just be the tool to help you at the start of your journey! This app combines the principles of yoga with sessions that also aim to help with blitzing calories! The app also has a feature which offers an approach to yoga for better sleep.



What’s great about this app is the sheer range of content that it has to offer! Grokker contains thousands of videos on yoga and meditation for individuals of all levels. The app goes beyond the world of yoga and also offers users guidance around HIIT training and Pilates!


Down Dog


Down Dog offers a really personal and catered yoga experience! The reasons for embarking upon a yoga journey can vary from person to person. This app lets you cater your yoga practices to certain factors, such as improving your balance or relieving back pain. The music within the app is also designed to sync with your breathing, creating a really dynamic experience!


5 Minute Yoga


Our lives can be super hectic and jam-packed with an endless list of tasks and commitments. This can make the practice of yoga a complex element to add to your day. However, this app recognises the difficulty that many may face when trying to fit yoga into their busy lives! The app provides an array of effective yet short guided yoga sessions for those of all levels.

Reap The Rewards Of The Yoga World

In a time where life may be full of stress, worry and uncertainty, practices like yoga can offer an invigorating form of exercise that supports the body whilst relaxing and taming the mind. With so many mobile apps now allowing us to access guided yoga with such ease, there’s no better time to try them out for yourself!