The 5 Pillars of Your Fitness Journey

For an aspiring creative to make a career out of their vision, they must go through the processes of expanding their knowledge, building their network, creating content and finally using their content to move forward. Similarly, for someone wishing to become an overall fitter and healthier person, they must go on a journey comprising of different stages.

This guide will talk you through the most crucial components of fitness that all of us should focus on!

The 5 Pillars of Reaching Your Fitness Goals

The best rewards nearly always involve some degree of struggle and hardship, but…if a major meaningful goal is achieved then the hard-work and effort will completely be worth it! Let’s look at the 5 pillars of reaching your fitness goals:

  • Building Your Fitness Mindset
  • Telling yourself that you’re going to succeed on your journey is one thing, creating a plan and sticking to it is another thing.  Always consider the pros and cons of changing your lifestyle, it’s key to be realistic.

     "No one plans to fail, but they do fail the plan"- reaching the stage of being consistent with your lifestyle ambitions is a progressive journey requiring a mindset based on willpower and self-care.

    Always consider that there are things within your control and there are also things that are out of your control. Sometimes, when things go wrong you cannot control the situation..but…you CAN control how you react. The hardest stage of a fitness journey is the start..a time where temptations are not yet tamed and consistency is still yet to be established. However, once this stage is successfully completed, your nutritional habits, training consistency and daily morale should all be on the rise!

  • Nutrition 
  • Exercise + Nutrition = Results!

    One ingredient without the other will not get you to where you want to be. Both training and eating the rights foods are a necessity if you want to see the results you desire. Jumping straight into a healthy meal plan is not always the easiest of challenges…but with some willpower and creativity in the kitchen, healthy eating can become a great pleasure as well as a way to get your creative cooking juices flowing. Extreme diet plans for fitness development don’t have to be the direction you take, a healthy balance between healthy meals and the occasional treat may be your best route to nutritional success, however, do consider limiting your intake of highly processed foods and sugar. 



  • Fluid Intake 

    Training and exercise cause fatigue and increased sweating- with this in mind, staying on top of you fluid intake is vital. Replenishing your hydration levels will help to fuel your body through strenuous training. At the same time, over-drinking water could also cause issues and lead to feelings of unease- therefore, drink water when you need it and take rests in between exercising and hydrating yourself if you need to. Ultimately, our bodies are 70% water..if that’s not a sign of how crucial hydration is then who knows what is! 

  • Set Realistic Goals 
  • Success and growth take time. Fitness goal fulfilment involves progressive changes and improvements over a considerable period of time until the end goal is reached. Basically, you can’t achieve everything in a few days. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is the setting of unrealistic goals. Not only can this cause a drop in motivation (realistically, such goals require time) but they can also cause us to be frustrated over the failure of goals which were never achievable in the first place- causing a waste of time and energy. It can be a good method to set progressive goals such as losing a realistic amount of weight per week as opposed to reaching your overall weight loss figure in the first few weeks.

  • Find a Supportive Community 
  • A supportive circle can be a fantastic source of motivation, companionship and inspiration. Finding a fitness pal whether they may be a friend or someone who works out at your gym can be a great way to train with someone who can simultaneously motivate you to really push yourself! Fitness based support networks can be established through the help of joining group classes, social media groups and various clubs and societies. Adding the dimension of collective progression to any of your ambitions can do a great deal of good for all involved. Supporting each other and drawing inspiration from the hard work of others is an fantastic recipe for initiating positive energy and growth!

    Patience is key

    With patience, willpower and the right strategy focusing on the key components of fitness, anything is possible! Always remember your greatest  progression will stem from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, only then will changes be forced to happen, whether these be physical or psychological. Also, remember that you don’t have to do this alone, look to encourage friends and family to join you, seek out a fitness pal, join groups or even consider hiring a personal trainer if you are serious about optimizing your level of discipline and training quality.