Target The Whole Body In One Session! – Full-Body Workouts

Looking to get the most out of your training time and achieve your overall fitness goals through evenly developing each muscle group? If your answer is yes, then you need to check out the world of full-body workouts!

In a full-body workout routine, all major muscles in the body are trained! Full-body workouts go beyond being a great time-saving method for busy bees who’re looking to keep fit, they can contribute massively towards building overall strength and sculpting a physique that’s well-rounded and balanced from head to toe!


Split Training VS Full-Body Training

Split training, also known as targeted training, involves training routines where different muscle groups are targeted and trained through individual workouts. This training type is excellent for those looking to really focus on the development of each muscle group. On the other hand, full-body training involves workouts where all major muscle groups are targeted and trained in a single workout.

Full-body routines target and train more body parts in less time that targeted workouts!- additionally, they ward off any potential muscular imbalances, something that split-training is more prone to causing. Both training types, when used effectively will have you well on your way to smashing your fitness goals, but as the star of this show is the full-body workout, let’s take a look at why you should consider this training approach!

And for those of you muscle-building enthusiasts who may only be accustomed to split training, remember…our bodies progress the most when they’re required to adapt and improve to meet new training demands!- so, why not switch up your style and try something new?



The Benefits Of Working The Whole body

No matter your goal, full-body workouts can be incorporated into your training to set you on the path of being a goal-achieving fitness goddess!

Want to lose weight? Full-body routines can absolutely blitz those calories away, and more so than split training due to a wider range of engagement from the body!

Want to gain strength? Full-body workouts commonly use the services of functional training exercises, which are a necessary ingredient for the strength-building formula!

New to the gym? Unlike the very specific exercises that a split workout may include, full-body workouts usually focus on the most fundamental movements for training each body part!

Let’s take a look at some more perks of being a full-body trainer.

  1. Guaranteed Efficiency

Looking to make the most of your gym time without setting yourself at risk for any body imbalances? Working the whole body in one routine leaves no room for any neglected body parts. This can come in handy if you have to rearrange future workouts, as you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your previous workout already engaged all muscle groups!


  1. More Variation

Committing a whole training session to one or two muscle groups can sometimes bring on workout boredom- the cure for this is a more varied workout, and you can’t get more varied that a full-body workout.  This is because the exercise focus moves constantly from one body part or movement to the next!


  1. Fat-Loss

Full body workouts can be absolutely ideal for burning fat! Activating and engaging several body parts through one workout can go a further calorie-blitzing distance in comparison to a workout focusing on a single muscle group!


  1. Strength-Building

Functional movements such as squats, chest press and deadlifts are brilliant for facilitating strength gains through requiring the body to work multiple body parts in one exercise. The functionality of these exercises can create a great strength building response from the body! Functional training exercises are a common component of a full-body workout.


  1. More Time For Other Interests

The efficiency of targeting the full body through a complete body workout can allow for more room for rest and recovery in-between workouts! This is ideal for those of you who are seeking to maximise your gym time whilst maintaining commitment to other endeavours!

With the recognition of full-body training growing ever constantly, more people than ever are trying out this workout style. Want to try out a full-body workout at home during lockdown?-Fitness goddess, Tracy Anderson, is a huge advocate for full-body workouts, go check out her 15 minute full-body workout- no equipment needed!


Chasing That Full Body Burn

It’s clear that full-body workouts can supply us with an endless list of benefits, from saving-time to burning more calories. Whether you’re looking to switch up your existing training, focus on fundamental exercises or feel that full body burn, full-body workouts are undoubtedly a great option to consider!