Balanced Arms – Where Are Your Triceps?

A common fitness misconception is that ‘arm training=targeting the biceps’…whether this is down to a great deal misinformation or the common association in fitness imagery and video between arm training and bicep curling…who knows…but arm training without targeting the tri’s will have you on a way road to muscular imbalances as well as disproportionate arms!

Keep reading as we discuss the importance of hitting our tri’s as part of our arm training, as well as how we can sculpt a well-rounded set of guns!

Dressed to Workout at Our Best! - LBL’s Guide for The Best Workout Clothes for Women

With 2021 waiting around the corner, stepping up and enhancing the way we exercise is going to be a New Year’s resolution for many of us! No matter a person’s profession or the activities they participate in, their attire can always play a big role in how they perform.

Working Out in Style – Combining Functionality with Fashion
It’s well known that what we wear can massively impact our feelings and how we approach various tasks. The world of fitness is now fusing with the world of fashion, creating items of clothing which combine fitness practicality with style and chic! With so many options of stylish and modern activewear pieces now available, why not choose to express your inner fashionista whilst training and pushing your body!
Workout Worries: Scared of the Gym Or The Idea Of Joining A Fitness Class?
No matter what it may be, the prospect of beginning a new endeavour can be  overwhelming and daunting. For those of us who are more inclined to overthinking, the thought of starting a new fitness journey can cause a sea of worry and dread. If you’re reading this thinking “yep, that’s me right there!”, then it’s important to remember that you are not alone and that there are ways to overcome the worries which are holding you back.
Functional Training- A Fitness Staple
With such a wide array of exercises, workouts and programmes to take inspiration from, our training is now more varied and versatile than it ever has been. Mixing  and switching up our routines is a great way to place new challenges in front us and consequently adapt and progress..but…there is a type of training that should be a constant staple for everyone; functional training.
The best easy abs workout for women.
You might have tried doing crunches for a while but still not getting results, well forget about those. Crunch fatigue is real and is something you should avoid getting. Moreover, crunches do not encourage your abdominal muscles to work through...
Pilate exercises that will work your abs from every angle.
This method of exercise consists of low impact flexibility and muscular strength with endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance. Pilates is named after  Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercises in the 1920s. No doubt...