LBL’s Guide To Cyber Monday

This week, here at LBL we’ve been covering the global shopping sensation, Black Friday, one day of each year where shops and websites offer unmissable discounts for the masses! However, when it comes to a day that’s dedicated to offering consumers with bargains and more bang for their buck, Black Friday isn’t the only option….

The Monday that follows the weekend of Black Friday is known as Cyber Monday! Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is also all about offering promotions and great discounts to shoppers. Want to know more? Keep reading as we delve into the world of Cyber Monday and look at some great ways to make the most of it!

Preparing For Black Friday 2021 – Plan For Bargain Securing Success!
Black Friday is not just an event, it’s an opportunity to secure bargains that can not only boost your shopping needs but also your fitness goals! Keep reading as we explore some great ways that you can prepare yourself for Black Friday 2021 and how you can ensure that the day is a success when it comes to securing fitness-based bargains!
Black Friday – The Biggest Sales Event Of The Year!

You may all know Black Friday as a globally renowned sales event that takes place every November…but with the impact of the pandemic, the last Black Friday certainly didn’t have the usual presence of hustle and bustle on our high street shops.

However, don’t fret! With things finally starting to look more promising, you can expect to see Black Friday thriving again this year!

Keep reading as we talk about how this global sales event came about and how we can use it to our benefit as we seek out those bargains that are not only great for our savings but are also brilliant for our fitness journeys!