Running During Lockdown: LBL’s Tips For Beginners – Start Running Today!

Lockdown guidelines mean no gym sessions, restricted socialising and living life in this weird socially distanced world that we’re currently in. Staying at home all day can be super frustrating and draining, but….luckily, outdoor exercise is still permitted.

Many of us may already be using this as a means for outdoor runs or training sessions, but for those who have considered running but are still yet to take the first steps, this blog is for you!

Keep reading as we explore just how beneficial and wholesome outdoor exercise can be! We’ll also look at some great and really helpful tips for beginners when it comes to running outdoors!


I Can Exercise At Home, Why Should I Bother With Running Outdoors?

The idea of having to get ready, then brave the cold outdoor UK weather and then endure an outdoor exercising experience may sound extremely unappealing to many of us, especially when we can move our bodies indoors. However, outdoor exercise can actually bring a world of both physical and mental benefit to our lives!

Some things sound unappealing and then turn out to be absolutely brilliant…outdoor exercise during the winter months is definitely one of those things. Though the cold may make us feel uneasy and uncomfortable, the rewards we can also reap can certainly make it all worthwhile. Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of outdoor exercise:

Mental Boost

Outdoor exercise has been regarded as a natural antidepressant, one that can have a noticeable impact when warding off seasonal affective disorder (SAD), anxiety and depression. This is because outdoor exercise combines the release of serotonin from the exposure to the sun with the production of endorphins (feel-good hormones) from exercising! Outdoor exercise can truly create mental relief through a proactive escape from daily routines and settings.

There’s Nothing Like Some Fresh Air

Now more than ever, fresh air can really impact our lives positively. Being stuck indoors all day can create a great deal frustration, worry and boredom. With this in mind, outdoor activity can not only boost us through giving us sunlight, mental clarity and a refreshing change in scenery, it can also have a tremendous impact on our physical health too! Outdoor exercise can help to clear your lungs, provide energy, lower blood pressure and even improve digestion!



Challenges Your Body

Outdoor exercise like running will challenge your body in a way that’s different to say running on a treadmill. In addition to adapting to the outdoor climate, your body will also face the outdoor terrain and outdoor surfaces. This can all be super beneficial as our bodies progress the most when adapting to new challenges! Exercising outdoors can also help with keeping exercise boredom away, something that may arise with exercising in the same location regularly.


Running Tips For Beginners – Don’t Wait Any Longer…Start Today!

Have you ever envisioned yourself as an outdoor jogger but have never gotten round to starting? Or have you tried it out before but never made it into a habit?

Well, if you’re looking to introduce outdoor running to your fitness lifestyle, there’s no better time than the present to start off!

Here are some of our tips for getting your running journey up and off the ground:

1. Ease Into It!

Running can be strenuous, especially for beginners…so, don’t rush! Beginning with short running intervals can be a great way to get your body accustomed to running outdoors- a good technique could be; 2 mins jogging followed by 2 mins walking.

2. Pace It

A lot of people make the mistake of beginning their run by going too fast then burning out soon after. Maintaining a manageable yet somewhat challenging pace for a longer period of time is a much better approach as this will mean a longer duration of activity.

3. Plan Your Route Beforehand

Running outdoors can involve encountering tricky surfaces, mud, rocks and bumps- these obstacles can create a risk for injury, so, it can be a wise move to plan your route beforehand to ensure that your running experience goes as smooth as possible.


4. Stretch!!

Running without stretching will leave your muscles more prone to tightening up and picking up injuries. Stretches are a great way to prepare muscles for activity through warming and loosening them up! Make sure to do a full body stretch as the motions of running engage the whole body.

5. Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals correctly can massively benefit your fitness journey. Taking things at the right pace, setting realistic objectives and then meeting those objectives can help to keep motivation levels high. Whereas setting unrealistic targets can leave us feeling frustrated and unmotivated. A realistic target may be to run without stopping for 10 minutes in your first week of running and then go on to be able to run for 20 minutes without stopping by the end of say 4/5 weeks.

Running is a great way to exercise, get that cardio in and get that heart racing whilst also being able to switch your settings up from those of your daily routine.

Being outside is brilliant for the mind and the body, as is exercise…so, combining both can truly do you a world of good!