LBL’s Guide To Picking Out The Best Gym Leggings

In every corner of the female fitness world, you’ll find women in gym leggings! Gym leggings are everywhere, from being a staple for yoga enthusiasts, to being a favourite for lovers of activewear fashion, to being a necessity for all of our fitness icons. This piece of activewear has well and truly become a must have item.

With so many different types, styles and looks, it’s often forgotten that leggings must offer certain staple features in order for them to be comfortable, high-quality and durable.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at why leggings have become a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to women’s activewear, the features that are super important when considering which leggings to add to your wardrobe and we’ll also be taking at what’s popping right now over here at LBL as we look at our very own range of gym leggings!

Why Do Girls Worldwide Love Leggings So Much?

No matter a women’s age or lifestyle, leggings have become a common sight to see in pretty much any female wardrobe- providing versatility and comfort for any informal occasion!

Whether you’re someone who works out or someone who’s never trained, leggings can benefit your life…let’s take a look at why leggings have gained such a widespread global popularity!


This one’s pretty self-explanatory!- leggings provide a soft and stretchy layer that rests directly on top of the legs. This activewear piece will keep it shape all day- with this in mind, leggings do not require the need for adjusting whilst training, a problem that other activewear pieces like shorts, however, may pose.

Temperature control!

Leggings can keep us warm, through providing an additional layer of insulation, however,  they can also help to cool us down during training! Advancements in sports technology have led to legging material that is ‘breathable’, meaning excess body heat has a way to travel out while we train.


Wearing leggings is not something that’s restricted to belonging within the walls of fitness environments- they have become a statement fashion piece, one that combines aesthetic and chic with the empowerment of our natural shape and curves! Everybody is now wearing them!


The versatility of leggings is a massive factor behind them having such a wide global appeal! They provide an aesthetic means of comfort, making them a solid choice for day-to-day activities like a shopping trip. When it comes to working out, they bring numerous perks such as, making us more streamlined, controlling body temperature, durability and flexibility!

What To Look Out For When Buying Leggings To Train In

Features to look out for when on the hunt for leggings for training are pretty different to what to consider when seeking leggings for day-to-day use. If chosen well, the right leggings can have a have massively positive impact on your training activities! Here’s our breakdown on the key features to look at when shopping for leggings to train in:

High Waisted Fit

High waisted leggings can contribute significantly with supporting our body and keeping us comfy while we train. The high waist fit keeps everything in place and gives our core a supportive layer!


Leggings come in all types of materials, all the way from cotton to leather. For training purposes, the best legging materials are synthetic fabrics! When looking at different leggings it’s important to keep an eye of for breathability features- this feature can maximise your training through facilitating temperature control whilst we train.


As we’ve just mentioned, a lot of gym leggings are made out of synthetic materials. With this in mind, certain brands still advertise leggings made from tougher materials as being suitable for training purposes- these are leggings to avoid! Flexibility is a key component that effective training maximised. In order to execute full ranges of motion, our leggings must be made from flexibility maximising materials.


Repetitive movements come in many forms, from squatting to skipping. Though these exercises are great, if wearing leggings made from flimsy material, these movements can lead to wear and tear. With this in mind, durability is a key feature to consider when buying leggings.

LBL’s Range Of Training Leggings

Here at LBL, we’ve got you absolutely covered if gym leggings are what you’re seeking! Our compression leggings will have you looking amazing and super sexy, whilst also letting your body breathe through the intensities of training.

With a high waist fit to keep everything in place and a range of vibrant colours and designs…our leggings will truly have you dressed to work out at your best! Our leggings utilise sports technology to create streamlined pieces that support maximal flexibility and durability.

With a range of styles and designs, go check out our full range!