LBL’s Guide To Cyber Monday

This week, here at LBL we’ve been covering the global shopping sensation, Black Friday, one day of each year where shops and websites offer unmissable discounts for the masses! However, when it comes to a day that’s dedicated to offering consumers with bargains and more bang for their buck, Black Friday isn’t the only option….

The Monday that follows the weekend of Black Friday is known as Cyber Monday! Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is also all about offering promotions and great discounts to shoppers. Want to know more? Keep reading as we delve into the world of Cyber Monday and look at some great ways to make the most of it!

Cyber Monday – The Basics

Cyber Monday originates from the United States where it takes place on the Monday following Thanksgiving Day. It was created with the aim of encouraging consumers to shop online through grabbing the online deals on offer from retailers!

Overtime, Cyber Monday’s success in the United States led to other countries adopting Cyber Monday deals to encourage a boost in online sales. Here in the UK, Cyber Monday has now become an exciting opportunity for people to make the most of some unmissable online offerings!

And when is Cyber Monday 2021 in the UK?

The all-important date for this event this year is 29th November – make sure to add it to your diary!

Traditionally, Cyber Monday focuses on tech goods, however, in recent years, the day has closely mirrored Black Friday with the only difference being that it’s based completely online.

From a fitness point of view, Cyber Monday is a fantastic opportunity to hunt down deals and discounted prices for fitness technology and equipment! This is something that we’ll delve a bit deeper into in the next section.

Fitness Tech Is Transforming The Fitness Industry

Technology is everywhere…and it’s made its way into being a key influence in near enough every sector and industry. Fitness technology is now a massively booming part of the fitness world, with tech ranging from wearable technology to advanced pieces of exercising equipment.

Let’s take a look at some truly powerful platforms and products which combine fitness and technology in a way that can really boost you on your fitness journey! Make sure to keep an eye out for these items during the Cyber Monday Sales.

Fitness Trackers

Seen as some as a tech-savvy fashion accessory and seen as others as a genius piece of performance monitoring device…everyone seems to have a view on these gadgets. However, there’s no denying that from a fitness stance, a tracker can be a great tool when used to monitor performance and track progress! Fitness trackers are commonly a wearable device, with the factors that can be tracked including calories burned, distances ran, heart rate and even blood Oxygen saturation levels!



Fitness Apps

These days, there seems to be an app for every occasion! Fitness apps are constantly evolving, with their content becoming more detailed and more orientated around specific user preferences and behaviour. These apps can offer training guidance, instructional videos, tips, workout plans, nutritional plans and much more! There are now hundreds of subscription-based fitness apps out there! Keep an eye out for offers and discounted subscriptions for fitness apps on Cyber Monday!


Fitness-Based Gaming

Fitness has now transcended into the world of video gaming! Games are now available that seek to take users through engaging and challenging fitness activities! Games can be commonly be based around sport, dance, fitness class workouts as well as many more fitness activities!

For a guide on some of the best Wii fitness games out there, check out our blog! – “Wii Fitness Games – Enjoy Burning Fat From The Comfort Of Your Home!


Make The Most Of Cyber Monday!

In the same way that preparing and planning for Black Friday can support you in getting the most out of the day, planning for Cyber Monday can also be a great way to help you get the most out of this brilliant event too! Don’t miss out, make Cyber Monday 2021 a day to remember!