Kettlebell Training – Swing Your Way Towards Your Dream Physique!

In recent years, kettlebells have become an increasingly popular training tool, with their use in gyms becoming a common sight -  we may have all seen gym-goers swing away with their kettlebells, but what actually makes kettlebell training so effective?

Join us as we explore the offerings of kettlebell training and how this training tool can be a great addition to any fitness session, whether that be while we train at home during lockdown or when gyms reopen.


So, What Are Kettlebells?

Whilst dumbbells and barbells distribute their weight evenly and focus their weight around a trainer’s hands, kettlebells are shaped in a way that causes them to have an off-set centre of mass. To put this into simple terms, with kettlebells, there’s a distance between a lifter’s hands (around 6-8 inches) and the part of the kettlebell that holds its weight.

With an off-set centre of mass comes the need for kettlebell users to work harder in order to keep movements under control – the extra work involved can make kettlebell training a great way to work the body through effective controlled movements!

A reason why kettlebells have seen a significant resurgence in popularity and use is their ability to act as an all-in-one total body conditioning tool, with most movements engaging the core whilst also training multiple body parts!

When it comes to training at home, kettlebells open the doors to a versatile range of benefits and fitness uses from the comfort of your own home, making them a great lockdown purchase option!


5 Amazing Kettlebell Benefits

Let’s take a look some great benefits that the world of kettlebell training can bring to our training routines!

1. Strength & Cardio Workouts


Looking to train for strength whilst also getting your heart racing? If your answer is yes, then kettlebell training is something that you have to try! The shape and design of kettlebells is specific for dynamic fitness training – kettlebells are made for swinging and explosive movements, making them ideal for an aerobic workout.

Additionally, the need for extra effort to maintain control when executing movements adds a new dimension to strength training movements- something that’ll certainly go far when it comes to strengthening and toning those muscles!


2. Balance & Stability

So, kettlebell training is a form of ballistic training, meaning that it focuses on explosive movements through heightened acceleration and minimal deceleration. These explosive movements engage the abdominal muscle and adductors to ensure that balance is kept throughout movements.

Also, the lack of deceleration which makes kettlebell exercises so dynamic, targets focus on the lower body and core to really work to keep the body stable when executing explosive movements.


3. Fat-Blitzing Workouts

When it comes to burning fat and killing off those calories, kettlebell training has a massive amount of weigh-losing potential! With kettlebell workouts focusing on explosive yet controlled strength training movements, they provide a great way to dynamically target and activate numerous parts of the body.

Kettlebell training is no joke, and for those of you who’ve tried it before, you’ll well and truly know just how challenging this training type can be! Kettlebell workouts are a great way to really get the body pumping and can be used as a highly effective fat-blitzing, non-running cardio alternative.



4. Mobility & Flexibility

Kettlebell exercises involve really working through ranges of motion – they require you to effectively control movements whilst moving through multiple planes of motions. Overtime, the presence of kettlebell training in your training routine can do a great deal of good for your flexibility and mobility – this can truly help to strengthen and protect those joints and ligaments.


5. Versatile Workouts

Boring workouts are an absolute no-no when it comes to kettlebell training! Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, build lean muscle or improve certain components of your fitness – introducing kettlebell training to your life can add new and exciting dynamic workouts that can help you work towards all of your fitness goals

With so many variations and styles of kettlebell training, there will always be a new way to use kettlebells to push and challenge yourself!




Switch Up Your Training Routines – Give Kettlebells A Go!

So, it’s clear that kettlebell training can offer a unique style of explosive total body training that can target and develop numerous components of fitness. With this being said, there’s no time like the present to add a new dimension to your training routine with kettlebell training!