Heavy resistance bands, medium resistance bands; what is the best choice?

What’s the hype about? 


Resistance bands have been making the rounds in the workout world since a long time now. Everyone seems to be using and appreciating their existence. It is believed that if you can't dedicate a lot of time to exercising daily, then resistance bands can be your saviour. There are a lot of perks associated with these, lets quickly have a look!  

  • Resistance bands improve your workout quality and boost your progress. 
  • They give you the opportunity to take control of your “control and focus”.
  • They help you in stabilizing your muscles.  
  • If you are into functional training, these bands can be your ultimate need. 
  • They are a more natural and manual option in a mechanical world. 
  • Owing to their property of being lightweight, they are pretty easy to use.
  • You can do a lot of different exercises by using these bands. 
  • You can efficiently control your movements and motion during a workout.
  • It not only helps in growing your muscles but tones them as well. 
  • Through intensive use, you can burn a lot of calories and fat too. 
  • They are pretty safe to use and protect you from any injury during the workout. 

These are some of the perks of making resistance bands a part of your daily workout regime. Now let’s have a look at the perfect pick. 

Medium VS Heavy Resistance Bands: 

Both of these types are differentiated with the colour code. Most commonly, it is seen that light colours such as yellow are associated with light resistance. While darker shades such as black and blue are seen to be denoting the most difficult and heavy resistance. These bands have a particular strength curve that gives you the idea about the effort and strength it will require to pull these bands. The medium ones are relatively easy to stretch while the heavy ones are pretty difficult and strenuous.

If you are a regular gym-goer and recently you have stopped noticing any further progress, even because of the regularity of intense workouts. Then you might be suffering from a "Plateau". If that is the case, a medium resistance band can be your knight in shining armour. As soon as possible, incorporate the use of a medium resistance band in your workout routine, and you will soon start noticing a major difference in your progress and results. Medium resistance bands are known to be the best for amplifying explosive strength and also initiating and increasing new muscle growth. Talking about the Heavy resistance bands, you need to be really tough in order to properly use these. If you are fearless, robust and have great stamina, then these bands are certainly for you. If you are a heavy weightlifter, these bands can specifically be good for you, as they will prove to be amazingly effective for your lower body exercises. It engages all your muscles properly to reap the best benefits out of it. You should most definitely start using a heavy resistance band while you are planning to go for hip thrusts, crab walks and even while performing squats.


Medium strength bands are great for overall exercise; you can easily use these for deadlifts, shoulder press and calve exercise. They are fit to be used for mobility and various types of stretching exercises. They can help you in the lower body strength training as well as it is strongly advised to incorporate the use of these bands with the barbell exercise to gain amazing results.  

What is the Best Choice? 

It is advised to buy the full set of bands that include five of these. If you are looking to go for only one of these. Make sure that you are aware of the following aspects and have answers to these questions regarding your needs: 

  • Do you need these for stretching? 
  • Is your aim being to build muscle and do strength training? 
  • What results are you looking forward to achieve regarding your legs, shoulders, arms and glutes?
  • Are you planning to combine these with other types of free weights?
  • Will you need any assistance while using those?
  • Are you planning to use them for physical training, if yes, how intense?
  • Seek advice and suggestions from the seniors. 

Putting it all up, it totally depends on your personal preference and the advice of your instructor. You know how much resistance and stretching your body can afford, you can make the best decision. Another aspect that can help you make the right decision is the parts of your body you want to target. Each band is designed to target a particular body part. After assessing your needs and body requirements, you can easily pick out the right band for you. If you are in the initial phase, we would suggest you go for a regular long tube with holding grips. Later on, as per the changing needs of your body and your increased stamina, you can try out different other varieties as well. You can experiment with the resistance level, strength, shape and other aspects of the bands. But whatever the choice you make, be sure to stick to it until and unless you are ready to ascend to the next level.  

These bands can most certainly reap you the best benefits and change your workout regime game by making It simple, easy and natural. Never underestimate the power of these resistance bands, they can be your ultimate workout guru!