Healthy & Delicious Hydration – Coconut Water!

With water making up so much of what’s inside our bodies, hydration is a massive part of our lives. Consuming enough water each day is vital for countless reasons….from regulating body temperature, to delivering nutrients to cells, to keeping bones and joints lubricated to even improving sleep quality!

But…did you know that you can approach your H20 intake with a hint of fun and creativity?

The world of drinks can be full of sugar and a colossal amount of calories…but there are also delicious, organic and really healthy  options for us to explore too! Ladies, in today’s blog, we’ll be looking at coconut water! We’ll be looking at what is actually is, how it’s made and the benefits that drinking coconut water can bring to your life!

So, What Is Coconut Water?

It’s pretty much all in the name really, coconut water is the water that’s found inside coconuts!

Naturally, coconuts are grown on palm trees in hot climates., with coconut water being found inside green coconuts that’re still young. As the coconut ages, this water eventually evolves into coconut flesh!

Coconut water is absolutely jam packed with a plentiful supply of vitamins and minerals- it has high levels of potassium, vitamin C and fibre! With this in mind, coconut water is a truly healthy and fun form of hydration.

With this drink being available in a numerous varieties, such as, flavoured and sparkling, it’s often thought that the coconut water we see on supermarket shelves may not be as organic as it seems. Fortunately, the majority of coconut water found in supermarkets involves manufacturing processes whereby there is minimal human intervention – making it genuinely organic!


Unfortunately, we can’t directly bring those tropical beach settings to our front rooms…but we can sip on a taste that carries those vibes like nothing else!

Right, now that we know a bit more about the roots of the coconut water that we see on the shelves of our local supermarkets, let’s delve into how sipping this delicious drink can support our health!

The Benefits of Sipping Coconut Water

Coconut water is not only a delicious and health way to provide our bodies with the essential hydration that it needs…it can support our health with a whole lot more!

Nature’s Energy Drink!

In addition to being packed with essential nutrients, coconut water is also full of electrolytes. Not only can electrolytes keep you hydrated through the day, they can also give your bodies and mind that additional boost of energy.

Post Training Recovery

The electrolytes in coconut water are not only great for fuelling your day, they’re also brilliant helping our muscles to recover after a training session. When we sweat during workouts, we lose actually electrolytes…so, why not sip some coconut water the next time you finish up with a training session?


A Healthy & Wholesome Alternative To Soft Drinks

One of the reasons why so many of us overindulge in soft drinks is because we want to consume drinks that satisfy our taste buds. Well…if you’re looking for a healthier option…something that will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also supply your body with healthy nutrients…look no further than coconut water!

Whereas one cup of a soft drink can contain up to 30g of sugar, a cup of coconut water contains around 5g of sugar.

Protect Those Locks!

Scientific research has suggested that the high levels of potassium, magnesium and calcium in coconut water can be great for replenishing the hydration of our hair. Hydrated hair = Healthy hair! Applying coconut water and coconut oil directly to the scalp are also popular hair care routines for nourishing and hydrating the scalp and hair!

Antioxidants In Abundance

Coconut water is full of antioxidants! Antioxidants fight the breakdown of cells in our body- to find out more, check out our blog! – “Give Your Diet A Boost! – 10 Foods That’re High In Antioxidants”. The impact of antioxidant rich foods and drinks can also have a direct positive impact on our skin!

Grab Some Coconut Water The Next Time You Do A Food Shop!

Keeping our bodies hydrated is and will always be absolutely vital. Despite common misconceptions, hydration does not have to be repetitive, and we can actually have fun with it! Coconut water is a delicious way to not only quench our thirst…but it’s also great for fuelling our bodies with energy, nutrients and some great health benefits!