Gym Clothes for Women: Tips to Choose the Right Kind of Workout Clothes

woman in black sports bra and black leggings doing exercise

We all want to look good when exercising. When you are in the market looking for gym wear, whilst fashion and swag are definitely important you also need to look at other factors as well. Your primary target should be to get the best activewear for comfort and success while jogging, doing cardio-activities and other activities.

Before hitting the gym next time, it’s essential you wear a proper outfit. The right gym wear should be breathable, absorbing sweat, not too tight but flexible. If you are facing any difficulties choosing the right gymwear for your fitness goals, here are some practical and dependable tips to help you buy the right gym clothes.

The size

The size of the clothing you choose for the gym is very important. First of all, you need to get the right size of your sports bra for comfort and productivity. If the bra is not in the right size, then there are chances that you will experience pain and discomfort. On the other hand, your T-shirt and leggings should also be of the right size.

Material: Breathable clothes

Secondly, always go for breathable workout clothes. Choose clothes that will not trap the body heat and keep you sweating. If you are comfortable, you can just wear a sports bra, a tank top or a tee for a more breathable experience. Choose clothes made of polyester, lycra and spandex materials.

woman wearing black sports bra facing front selective focus photography

Get the right fit

Always go for clothes that are suitable for the activity you’re planning to do and also comfortable. This is to ensure that the workout cloth fits well and is best for the planned workout. If you are biking or running, it’s always important to avoid clothes with wide-leg – body pressing clothing will be more appropriate here. However, you shouldn't go for clothes that are too tight because they can affect your movement and restrict you from having comfortable workout sessions

If you are going for a yoga session, go for stretchy and fitted fabrics that will get your sweat away. This is also applicable when doing cardio activities and weight lifting. Just keep in mind that you don’t need attire that gets on the way of your workout.

The season

Gym clothes also vary depending on the season. I can bet with near certainty you want clothes that will go with the season and keep your body going depending on the current weather situation. For that reason, choose fabrics that allow your skin to breath and wick sweat away during the summer. The clothes should also be cool and allow free movement.

During the cold weather, it’s important to dress warmly. However, due to the fact that you will be exercising, your body temperatures and breathing rate can increase with time. For that reason, don't go for the warmest clothing, because your body will heat up naturally. It’s a good thing to dress in layers to make it easy to remove depending on the current situation.

Lastly, wear layers that protect your body against some elements such as water and wind if you are going to exercise outside during wet and windy weather.

woman standing and lifting barbell

Activewear Item for women

Ideally you would want to choose high-waisted power hold leggings for your athletic activities. These kinds of clothes are made using moisture-wicking fabric which makes them light and breathable enough for all the seasons. 

The wear should be made of 88 per cent of polyester and 12 percent spandex. This is to make your body comfortable as you jog and even when you are at the gym. It’s an added benefit when such clothes have a waistband pocket for your valuables such as keys, cards and phone.

Sports Bra

You can’t go wrong with Racerback sports bra which are perfect for Yoga, spin class, rowing, kickboxing, gym activities and Pilates. The bra to go for should be easy to pull over your head and have a wide elastic band at the bottom that cannot ride up or cause chafing. It’s also a good idea to go for a sports bra with padding that is removable and the fabric perfect enough to wick moisture.

Workout Hoodie for women

Women may also want to have a workout hoodie when going to the gym, especially if it’s the cold season or they are starting early in the morning. You may want a jacket to throw on after the workout. When choosing, ensure the material is light, stretchy and breathable. The zipper can also be hidden and most importantly look for zip-able pockets for your valuables.