Get Fit At Home During Lockdown! - Alice Liveing's 28-Day Fitness Challenge

With another lockdown upon us, things are looking really bleak. But…as the old saying goes, where there’s a will there’s a way– and that applies to the way we approach our fitness goals during the coming weeks.

The beginning of a new year is usually a time for fresh starts and the classic spike in gym membership sign ups! However, things are different this year we enter a lockdown that will last until mid-February at the earliest.

Though this situation is truly awful and something that is challenging us all, it’s super important to remember that we may not be able to control the situation, but we sure as hell can control how we respond.

Fitness goes beyond the state of our bodies, it’s something that transcends into all aspects of our lives- with there being a crucial link between exercise and mental health. With this in mind, with some willpower we well and truly have it in us to continue pursuing our fitness goals for 2021, let’s not deny ourselves that journey of self-care and development….ladies, we’ve got this!

We’ve picked one of the best fitness challenges that each and everyone of us can take part in over the next few weeks, a challenge requiring no equipment and no gym, requiring just ourselves and the desire to keep things moving! Interested?- Keep reading!

Lockdown Life- The Importance Of Looking Out For Each Other

Before we delve into the 28-day fitness challenge of British fitness Instagram sensation, Alice Living, let’s take a look at why unity and support is now more important than ever. Lockdowns mean extremely restricted  movement and human interaction- as social creatures of adventure and activity, this can lead to loneliness and feelings of deep upset for many of us.

So, checking up on loved ones, friends, family and associates is now more than ever an extremely powerful act, and something that can truly go a wrong way. With the world of digital communication being at the ends of our fingertips, let’s make the most of the methods we have for maintaining contact with those outside our homes! Simply letting those we care about know that we’re thinking about them can truly help with overcoming these times.

Later, you’ll find some great links and sources of contact for some great organisations that are here to support those of us who are really struggling during this time.

Workout at Home - Alice Liveing's 28-Day Fitness Challenge

Boasting a whopping 686K following on Instagram, Alice Liveing’s posts covering her fitness journey, daily workouts and empowering messages has taken the world of fitness social media by storm.

We’ve recognised her widely-renowned 28-day kick-start challenge as something that we can incorporate into our lifestyle during the lockdown. For those of reading this thinking a 28-day fitness challenge during a national lockdown may be too much to tackle- don’t worry if you can’t complete each day, each of the day challenges would be a fantastic stand-alone home workout!


The challenge’s structure can be found below, and we’ll also get into ways of altering the challenge to meet your specific goals and fitness level! For those of you seeking to attempt the exact challenge set by Alice, take a look at the Women’s Health UK YouTube page as well as their article on the challenge which breaks down the challenge’s specific workouts.

The structure of the challenge alone can facilitate truly effective home workouts, meaning the flexibility for you to choose absolutely any exercises of your choice which focus on the certain body parts or elements of physical health orientated around each day of the challenge! 


What’s really great about this challenge?

  • No equipment needed!
  • Workouts are orientated around simple movements.
  • A strength builder
  • Supports functional training!

Remember, align the challenge to your personal situation…if using your finite time outdoors during a lockdown to run doesn’t appeal to you then don’t fret, just walk instead! Steps can also be clocked up indoors through stair walking and step ups using an elevated platform! Finding and allocating exercises and intensity levels which appeal and suit your situation the most can be a great way to go about this.

Together We Can Get Through This

The lockdown which is upon us is a real energy drainer and will impact us all in different ways, however, it’s key to remember that continuing to nurture our fitness journeys during this time is a great way to maintain self-care, remain proactive and to give our bodies some love during these challenging times. Below, we have some links for some truly wonderful organisations…remember, there’s always someone out there who will listen.

Wishing you all love during the coming weeks.