Balancing Exercise with the Stresses of Everyday Life

The world we live in is one that is advancing at an ever-increasing rate. With the demand and pressure on near enough every sector in existence constantly growing, it’s no surprise that stress follows us around every corner. Stress comes in many forms. Our personal lives, work lives, academic commitments, and employment related worries are just a few examples of stress sources.

With such stress being so ever-present, it’s inevitable that a lot of us feel constantly exhausted, even when trying to relax. Some people may perceive exercise as an additional source of exhaustion (which it is to some extent), but in the long run, regular exercise and the endorphins released from it can actually be a great reliever of stress and anxiety. In addition to being a stress reliever and a great way to improve one’s physical health, exercise can provide a means of escapism from worries and be a way for us to channel our inner frustrations. 

This can lead to a bettered sense of mental clarity, which in turn supports a healthier state of mind. In the high paced, challenging society in which we live, any platform that provides some form of peace of mind is one to truly cherish!

The Importance of Fitness in Your Life

Establishing and maintaining a good level of fitness can have endless benefits on our lives. Some profound benefits of living a lifestyle where fitness is prioritised include:

  • A better ability to approach and complete the tasks and challenges life throws at us
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Lower risk towards diseases and health complications
  • Increased energy levels
  • Stronger joints, ligaments and bones
  • Enhanced organ functioning
  • The benefits of fitness go well and truly beyond the realms of physical development. The positive impact that a better level of fitness can have on us psychologically is truly astounding! Try it out for yourself and observe how much more energised and ready you are to tackle the chaos of each day whilst being better able to manage those inevitable stress level!

    How Can Stress Affect Our Overall Health?

    Stress can create a whole collection of problems for us, and if it’s not handled effectively, elevated stressed levels can prompt feelings of anxiety and depression. Stress can be truly detrimental to both the brain and body, in addition to mental health issues, stress can induce digestion and blood pressure complications.

    Though stress is somewhat a constant element in the society in which we live, stress should still be approached with the intention of managing it to the point where it can be controlled. The correct nutrition, exercise habits and forms of escaping from your worries (sports, socialising, relaxing..) are all tools you can use to bring more positivity and calmness into your life whilst squeezing out that unwanted stress.

    Staying Active + Nutrition + Rest and Downtime = Decreased Stress Levels And A Boosted Mental Health!