Dressed to Workout at Our Best! - LBL’s Guide for The Best Workout Clothes for Women

With 2021 waiting around the corner, stepping up and enhancing the way we exercise is going to be a New Year’s resolution for many of us!

No matter a person’s profession or the activities they participate in, their attire can always play a big role in how they perform. In the same way that a slick suit can empower a boss and boost their confidence, the right choices when it comes to activewear can make us feel more comfortable, more able and more positive towards how we look. 


The World of Women’s Activewear

A great thing about women’s activewear is that it doesn’t have to be limited to exercise-use only…with clothing-based technology advancing rapidly, activewear is now a fashionable form of clothing that’s designed to look great both inside and outside exercise-based environments.

With women’s fitness brands offering an endless range of multi-functional activewear and gym clothes, we’ve rounded up our favourite LBL items to help us reach our full potential. Whether you’re exercising at home, outside or looking to make the most of your gym membership, these items will add chic and efficiency to your fitness endeavours!

Workout in style with LBL!

Through blending research findings with fashion trends, durability and style, we’ve created some of the best activewear pieces that are currently out there- here’s our top recommendations.

Crop Top

Combining fashion aesthetic with active functionality, the crop top makes you look great wherever you go! Step into any gym with an edgy elegance and show off your hard work with LBL’s crop top range. With optimal comfort and a selection of striking colours, these crop tops are ideal for a variety of occasions.  

(from top: Destiny Sleeveless Crop- Black, Alex Seamless Crop Top- Mustard, Alex Seamless Crop Top- Olive Green)

Sport Bra

Not only can sports bras make you look and feel amazing, they’re also a provider of maximum protection and comfort. 

With exercise being a form of self-development, relaxation and escapism for so many women, the last thing we want is to feel discomfort and pain whilst we train. LBL’s sports bras are available in a range of unique colours and designs and have been designed to support high impact activity whilst making us girls look great- our sports bras will keep you comfy and protected during your most intense workouts.

(From Top- Caitlin Seamless Sports Bra- Grey, Venus- Marbleised Grey, Kelly- Rose Pink)


From leggings for yoga to leggings to turn heads while you shop, this item of clothing is the absolute queen of multi-functionality!

In addition to being a comfortable and highly stylish item of day-to-day wear, leggings can be incorporated into pretty much every form of sport and exercise. At LBL, we’ve optimised the durability, comfort and style of our high waist gym leggings and our scrunch bum leggings to provide you with the best that’s out there.

(From Top- Nadia Seamless Ribbed Leggings- Dark Grey, Alex Seamless Scrunch Leggings- Mustard, Alex Seamless Scrunch Leggings- Pink)

Cycling shorts

The benefits of cycling shorts are plentiful..from being an aerodynamic activewear option to preventing inner thigh friction, cycling shirts are ideal for any type of exercise. 

Plus, recent fashion trends have transformed this clothing item into a multi-purpose fashion necessity- something that can be worn alongside t-shirts, bandeaus, jumpers and hoodies! LBL’s range of cycling shorts blends aerodynamic science with vibrant aesthetics. 

(From from top- Serena- Marbleised Grey, Molly Cycling Shorts- Red, Molly Cycling Shorts- Green)

Stepping into 2021 with Determination and Style

Working out doesn’t have to mean looking like a sweaty mess whilst wearing the first items of clothing that fall out of our wardrobe. Exercising can be executed with grace and elegance, in clothing that’s specifically designed to enhance the levels of performance that we can reach.

We hope this guide has helped you to better grasp the benefits of women’s activewear and the ways in which different items of activewear can support you on your journey of growth and progression.

Let’s enter the new year looking and feeling great while we push our bodies and meet our fitness goals!