Dive into a Fitness Friendly Lifestyle with these 10 Healthy Changes

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We’re already half way through the year, can you believe it? Although life has been bogged down with workload and stressful health concerns amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, it feels like many things have not been done justice to. Take, for example, your fitness routine. Do you feel like you're already falling behind on your health and fitness goals for 2020? Or maybe, you haven't even started. The good news is that it is never too late to start. And don't you worry, you're not alone.

To make it things easier for you to stay on top of your game and keeping up with the latest, we have compiled a list of the top 10 health and fitness lifestyle changes. Follow these to get started and stay upbeat on the fitness trends this year.

Lifestyle Changes for a Fit Life

Every year, as the calendar turns from December to January, billions of people make resolutions. And each year, surveys show, many of these self-promises relate to wellness, whether it's losing weight, eating healthy, exercising daily, getting new fitness apparel like gym leggings with phone pockets, or simply getting fitter.

But "getting healthier" is not a fixed concept. If health advice is anything, it's fickle. While some Ideas stand the test of time—eat fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep, exercise when you can—other trends are over practically as soon as they begin. For example, certain diets and workout regimens start trending and then die out as the popularity fall, usually because of novel research.

As a result, resolutions of 2010 likely had different goals than the resolutions of 2020. So here are some lifestyle changes which can help you get fit and healthy this year and many more to come.

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Trees for Workout Props

Don't have any fitness equipment? No need to worry. Head to the park casually with your jogging shoes and seamless high waisted leggings on. Make good use of nature's best gifts; the trees. Working out in the park has added benefits. Training outside at the park allows you to refresh your airways and gives you mental peace by being close to nature.

As experts say, "Using outdoor props such as trees can add a different element to your workout. Be careful not to damage it; obviously, a tree can be good for squats using a single leg and several other workouts while utilising your bodyweight to build strength."

The park bench is also an excellent substitute for gym equipment: 'Benches can be used for step-ups, split squats and bench dips for great biceps and triceps. Make sure you are wearing something comfortable like a medium support sports bra matched with a pair of high waisted gym shorts.

Dance Away, Be the Wild Child

Dancing is always a better way to make you happy and feels relaxed. Dancing and choreography give you a burst of creativity and definitely a surge of uplifting hormones like serotonin. Dance like there is no tomorrow to give your body the freedom to destress.

We can't agree more on the fact that we need more uplifting as we dive further into 2020. And as a fitness guru says about dancing, 'It increases body awareness and coordination, great for cardio, tones you up and most importantly, makes you happy and satisfied.

Once you are in the mood to move, and you want to get groovy, search up some Zumba dance workouts. Or simply type the name of your favourite song by adding Zumba to it, and there you go.

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Protein Filled Breakfast-Fuel for the Day Ahead

If there is one meal of the day that you exclusively need to do right, it is your breakfast. Compromising on your breakfast is the biggest mistake you can make. It drains your brain and body and makes you jittery soon after consumption.

Try to boil an egg; it only takes 7 minutes-while you change clothes and put on your shoes. You can gobble it up before exiting your home. Little changes go a long way. You can use pre-boiled beans or good sources of omega fats and wholesome goodness to add quality items to your plate. Milk smoothies made at home with minimal sugar is also a great option for a protein-rich breakfast. In the case of lactose and egg allergies, look out for alternative protein sources.

Give-up on Junk and Processed Food

Processed foods may have a great taste to offer while tantalising your taste buds, but they have little nutritional value. Deli meat, sausages, nuggets, cereals, chips, and carbonated soda drinks are all a big no. If you adopt this major lifestyle change, even up to 80%, if not altogether, you will see amazing differences in your over health and thank yourself 10 years down the line.

Dressing for Workout-Comfort and Style Covered

You've definitely heard the phrase "dress for success" before, but while it's a good motto to have professionally, it also applies to fitness and workout. Make sure you have a pair of comfortable gym leggings with pockets, comfortable shoes with a good grip, and a watch or a fitness band.

Pre-decide all your workout clothes for the week; this will motivate you to try new looks and stay upbeat while you workout. Wear a good shock-absorbing fitness bra for some added support while you jump and run. Good clothes do not have to be extra expensive or heavy on the pocket. For the best experience, you need comfortable clothes which don't restrict your workout movements or leave you embarrassed.

Considering Yoga Retreats - A New Adventure

Yoga is a form of soulful meditation which relieves you from stress anxiety and many other physical and mental problems. Take time out for yoga and meditate for a few minutes initially. Yoga is not boring or slow if you open up your mind to a few options. When you get vacations from work try and visit a yoga retreat where you will surely free up your mind and body, giving you the break, you deserve.

Birds of a Feather - Friends with Similar Goals

When you share your goals with someone and are headed in the same direction, it is likely that you will get there sooner. This is because if one person falls behind, the other one is there to motivate you. You can even go shopping together for some great fitness goods like dumbbells, gym shorts, shoes, tech-savvy fitness gadgets, or bum sculpting leggings!

Utilise Home Space-Workout at Home

The possibility of working out at the gymnasium might seem meek at times. In order to utilise your time to the fullest extent, it is advised to set up a mini gym at home with minimal equipment. You don't have to make hefty investments. You just need a well-ventilated space or opt for an air-conditioned space in the corner of a room. All you need is a jump rope, a few handy weights, resistance bands, and other such minimalistic options to start to keep it going on the days when you are barred from going to the gym.

Set Real Goals

We do get carried away at the time of making a new year's resolution or when setting fitness goals. It is important to stick to goals which you can achieve and do not deteriorate your health in the long run.

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Sleep Better with Healthy

The importance of sleep can compare to nothing else in the world. A night of good sleep brings tremendous benefits to your mental and physical health. This is what a health expert has to say about the link between sleep and mental health: "If you miss out on a good amount of sleep, it may leave you unfocused with bad decision-making choices. It is more likely that you will end up having a disturbing day after a disturbed night's sleep."

Therefore, focus on breaking this cycle and retire early to bed. This old saying, we used to hear as kids and forgot as we grew up, is rather an important one: "early to bed, early to rise." After all, sleep and stress are old foes; when once is down, the other one makes the most of it. Less sleep means more stress, and more stress means more cortisol. Cortisol is the ever-famous stress hormone that causes insulin spikes, which give you diabetes, ageing, and the most unwanted of all, "weight gain."


To conclude if you’re able to implement and take on board even just a few of these tips, you will be well on your way to a healthier and happier you. Most of all remember to have fun and don’t take everything too seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed!