The Road to Fitness Success-Choosing Products Wisely

There are certain tools without which a fitness journey will not be successful. To put this into simpler terms, fitness goals will not be reached without the right nutrition, level of exercise and sufficient rest. 

However, additional help in the form of supplementation, clothing and equipment usage can sometimes help things to run with more efficiency and speed along the way. This guide will look at different tools you can use to give yourself a little boost through the hard work…just know that these tools will only benefit you if your nutrition, training and recovery are in check!

The Road to Fitness Success

The journey of setting fitness goals through to eventually accomplishing them is one of the most rewarding experiences you can experience…but this journey is one that is full of ups and downs and plenty of hurdles. 

“It isn't easy, but what's the fun without a little challenge for you?”

Like a lot of rewarding processes, a fitness journey usually throws it’s biggest challenges at you at the start. With willpower and determination, once the initial hurdles have been faced, natural habits start to form, and growth begins to take place. Facing challenges can be helped through supplementation, clothing and equipment, given that you are maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.


  • Nutritional supplementation

Based on your goals, different forms of supplementation can be used to support your nutritional needs. Exercising can exert a great deal of breakage and pressure on your muscles. Such muscle breakage then enters a recovery stage whereby protein is used to rebuild muscle fibers. Protein intake can be replenished through lean meats, dairy products, fish, vegetables and nuts. However, with many of us living hectic lives, preparing wholesome meals is not always feasible. In this case, protein supplementation such as whey protein can help to give our bodies that extra protein that we need for effective recovery.

  • Right Clothing

  • To explore this in detail, head over to our “Dressed to Workout at Our Bestblog post where we look at LBL’s most recommended women’s workout clothes and activewear.

    Though exercise can be performed nearly anywhere and in almost any attire, certain forms of clothing can provide additional comfort, protection and aerodynamic features which can enhance the levels at which we’re able to perform at when undertaking fitness activities.

    Some great examples include; leggings, cycling shorts, activewear crop tops and sports trainers. The more comfortable, supported and confident we are, the better our training quality will be!

  • Right equipment

  • For those of us wanting to elevate our home workouts, alongside cardio and bodyweight-based exercises we can also add resistance training to our routines. Resistance training can be executed through using either weights or resistance bands.

    If eased into resistance training properly, it can be a great way to create workouts that specifically target your fitness goals, whether these be weigh loss or muscle gain.

    A helping hand

    Effective replacements for exercise, nutrition and rest are truly non-existent...but, if these factors are currently present in your lifestyle then the option to incorporate new additions could be a very beneficial one! With such a wide array of choices of supplementation, clothing and equipment; do some research, seek some guidance, and pick out the options which align the most with your personal objectives!