Wii Fitness Games – Enjoy Burning Fat From The Comfort Of Your Home!

The past decade has undoubtedly seen the most technological advancements since time began. With technology now transcending into every single industry there is, it’s no surprise that game developers have developed interactive games which are orientated around both fun and fitness! 

Fun and Fitness? A combination which sounds like a fitness enthusiast’s dream! If you’re looking for an approach to shredding fat from your body which is unique as well as massively engaging both interactively and physically..then playing Wii Fitness games could be an absolutely brilliant activity for you.

Technology- a friend or an enemy?

Technology has the habit of making us lazier, whether it’s through lounging on the sofa watching TV, spending hours scrolling through social media or being cozied up in bed watching Netflix…so, for Nintendo to approach technology as a facilitator for exercise is a really positive move! If you’re looking for your next technological purchase to have a productive impact, then the Nintendo Wii and it’s choice of fitness games may be the perfect option for you.

Let’s go through our top 5 Wii fitness games that can be truly effective for weight loss- let the games begin!

  • My Fitness Coach

  • Besides the actual games console and remote, this game allows players to exercise at home with no, or very limited exercise equipment. The game predominantly focuses on aerobic workouts which can be catered towards the player’s level of fitness. The presentation of each workout involves a unique interactive setting in which the player’s fitness avatar goes through the workout! With a lot of focus on doing a workout that is designed to specifically meet the player’s level of fitness, this game is fantastic for those who are new to the world of fitness or are at a beginner level! 

  • Wii Fit Plus

  • This game actually includes a balance board which is used throughout the majority of it’s activities included within the game! Through this, Wii Fit Plus does an effective job in directing focus on stability and balance development. The body board can also measure BMI and indicate where your body is at in regard to your fitness aspirations. With a wide range of activities such as circus juggling, skateboarding, island cycling, hula-hooping, rhythm parade and segwaying, this game really throws a wide range of weight loss boosting exercises at you whilst also maintaining a great level of variety!

  • Go Vacation

  • This game combines a unique gaming experience with fitness-orientated activities, making it a game of two halves! Set on Kawawii Island, a fun island comprising of different resorts which can all be freely roamed, the game also offers player’s to play various sports from volleyball to paragliding! Each of the island’s resorts offers an array of activities, allowing the the game player to dictate whether their approach is one of leisure of activeness. With so much going on in-game, Go Vacation is a great way to bring some tropical vibes and island sports to your home!

  • Gold's Gym Dance Workout

  • A fantastic feature of this game is that it supports a two player mode, letting you dance the calories away alongside a friend or family member! With over 30 top hit dance songs included in the game, the game has a massive dance music influence which is great for those who are fans of this music genre…and let’s be real, who doesn’t love bopping away whilst the dance tunes are blasting? Dancing is commonly renowned as one of the most fun methods of losing weight- with dance at the heart of this game, there is a real fusion between active enjoyment and weight loss boosting exercises. In addition to dance-based workouts, the game also offers mini-games targeting specific muscle groups through activities such as karate, boxing, sword fighting and many more! The game is also compatible with the Wii balance board, letting you also throw some stability development into the mix!

  • We Ski

  • We Ski is an exciting game which comes with a snowboard! With features that enable enhanced manoeuvring and dynamic movements, this interactive game brings together one of the most unique and engaging sports with a highly dynamic and interactive gaming platform- it’s not everyday you can ski on slopes from your front room! Nintendo have clearly put a lot of work in to give this game the beautiful scenery which is on show, with the players open to explore 7,000 vertical metres over two massive mountains! For those looking to add a new dimension to their balance and stability training, this game is idea for having a great time whilst also activating the muscles and flexors which dictate our abilities to maintain balance, control and stability!

    Using technology for the better!

    In a day and age where interactivity has taken over, it’s hard to find a way to use this phenomenon to improve our fitness and wellbeing. Luckily, the Wii provides a unique way to engage with interactive activities whilst also being on the move and gaming those calories away!