Black Friday – The Biggest Sales Event Of The Year!

You may all know Black Friday as a globally renowned sales event that takes place every November…but with the impact of the pandemic, the last Black Friday certainly didn’t have the usual presence of hustle and bustle on our high street shops.

However, don’t fret! With things finally starting to look more promising, you can expect to see Black Friday thriving again this year!

Keep reading as we talk about how this global sales event came about and how we can use it to our benefit as we seek out those bargains that are not only great for our savings but are also brilliant for our fitness journeys!

So…How Did It All Begin? Black Friday 101

Interestingly, the term “Black Friday” actually first came from a financial crisis, which is pretty funny considering that now it’s all about financial benefit for consumers!

In terms of the name, police officers in Philadelphia first started using the name “Black Friday”. The term was originally used to describe the large and pretty chaotic crowds of tourists and shoppers that would swarm the streets, shopping centres and shops on the weekend following Thanksgiving Day.

And what about Black Friday in the present day?

Black Friday is basically the Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day in The United States. Since 1952, the day after Thanksgiving Day has been seen as the beginning of the American Christmas shopping season. Overtime, Black Friday became an event in which stores would offer highly promoted sales and since 2005, it’s been the busiest shopping day each year in the United States.

Luckily, this event isn’t only an opportunity for American consumers to get the most for their buck…it’s now a massively popular shopping occasion in countries all across the world, including the UK!

Black Friday sales have evolved into an unmissable chance for shoppers to really get the absolute most out of their money for one day of each year. Whether you look online or in-store, Black Friday in the present day is full of offers on offers!

Black Friday in Britain! When Is Black Friday?

So, as mentioned, Black Friday originates from the United States…but when did this phenomenon arrive in our very own United Kingdom?

It all happened in 2010! Amazon introduced a range of online offerings and discounts in celebration of the day, something that proved to be a big hit amongst online consumers seeking bargains galore. Then in 2013, Asda, who are owned by the American retailer Walmart, held an-store Black Friday sale! This in-store sale caused chaos with consumers flooding stores across the country in their hunt for great deals!



Since then, Black Friday has become bigger and better each year! It’s now common for the majority of stores to offer Black Friday deals here in the UK.

When is Black Friday 2021 in the UK?

Right, ladies, make sure to put this date in your calendar! Black Friday in the UK this year, will be on Friday, the 26th of November!

Boost Your Fitness Journey With Black Friday!

As Black Friday’s popularity has risen over the years, the fitness industry has jumped on board with what is now one of the UK’s biggest annual sales occasions. Whether you’re on the hunt for fitness equipment, activewear, accessories for the gym or supplementation, Black Friday offerings cover all corners of the fitness world!

Remember, any opportunity that you can take which could potentially impact your physical or mental wellbeing in a positive way, is an opportunity to really cherish! So, plan ahead, do your research, identify your wants and needs and then make sure to secure it all!

This week we’ll be covering the perks of Black Friday and what you can do in preparation for the day to really get the most out of it! We’ll also be exploring how to really maximise Black Friday as a tool for equipping yourself with fitness essentials on top of brilliant bargains which may usually require your budget to be stretched.

And of course, here at LBL, we’ll certainly be offering our own unmissable deals and offerings! So, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates and any info on future sales and bargains- don’t miss out!