Back To The Future - The Return of Activewear Trends From The ‘90s

A lot was popping off during the 90s, from the decade’s music to its movies and truly unique fashion trends, the 90s oozed vibrance and charm! When it comes to activewear and the initial rise in popularity of exercise apparel, the 90s were a truly memorable decade.

Fortunately, many of the best activewear fashion trends from the 90’s did not leave us behind for good at the end of the decade, with many of them making comebacks in recent years! In this blog we’ll explore how you can feel the burn in true 90s inspired style as we look at some of the best 90s activewear trends that are back and better than before!

The ‘90s, An Iconic Decade For Fitness Fashion!

Whereas current activewear fashion is based on attire that is seamless and combines aesthetic with sportswear technology, 90s activewear fashion had a big focus on clothing that was comfortable but also truly vibrant and just great to look at!

With seriously eye-catching colours and designs that acted as fashion statements as well as functional clothing, the 90s well and truly combined functionality with dynamic fashion! – Let’s take a look at some of the best trends which were popular back then but are also a massive hit in the present day!

Back and Better Than Before! – ‘90s Activewear Trends

With such an array of timeless 90s fitness fashion to choose from, our list could really go on forever! But we’ve chosen our favourites and hopefully some of these trends may even inspire your own training wardrobe choices.

Let’s dive right in!

Track Jackets

In the 90s, every man and their dog had a track jacket! With pretty much every sports, fashion and fitness brand producing track jackets, the options on offer were limitless! Whether you’re looking to wear something that’s comfy yet stylish to the gym, supermarket, university, college….pretty much anywhere, a track jacket is perfect for standing out yet feeling good for within any informal setting.

Track jackets are a chic piece of fashion that are versatile and an overall great option for both fitness as well day to day life!



The Dad Shoe

Originally seen as the standard trainer of preference for dads worldwide, especially during the 1990s, the dad shoe has evolved from being a safe trainer option for the typical dad to a must have for fashionistas in the present day. Dad shoes provide a great chunky look that will undoubtedly attract attention wherever you go!

These shoes are great for training as their rigid structure and design provides support and protection on top a great look! With so many designs, colours and styles to choose from, take your pick!




Snap Front Track pants

Snap front track pants, also known as side buttoned track pants or tear away track pants are one of the most striking and iconic pieces of sports fashion to come out of the 90s. These days you’ll see these beauties everywhere, from gyms across the country to raves to fashion content on social media. Their style and design not only accommodates the needs for comfort and durability for training sessions, but they also add a bold element of confidence and chic to any fashionable outfit!

Want to step into the gym with a powerful sense of vibrance and style? If you do, then you need these in your life!



The Scrunchie

Scrunchies have been warding off sweaty hair from your face since the 90s are still a stylish yet massively functional addition to any training session! Add some colour and personality to your training attire whilst also keeping that face clear whilst you sweat it out!



Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a great bold yet highly functional piece of 90s inspired attire to add to your training outfit! With the current lockdown restricting trips to the gym, many of us may be training outdoors more, through running and walking. It’s a known fact that the UK cold can be especially harsh during these winter months- with this in mind, leg warmers are a great way to add a helpful yet stylish layer to your legs to support you in braving training whilst outdoors! Leg warmers are also great for indoors workouts, Yoga, Pilates as they provide support as well as warmth!