Athleisure – When Fitness Clothing Meets Everyday Wear!

To put it simply, athleisure is a type of hybrid clothing that combines features of fitness wear with everyday clothing! What started as a trend, athleisure is fast becoming a wardrobe staple for women worldwide!

Keep reading as we explore what athleisure is and some great pieces of athleisure clothing that can compliment any wardrobe!

So, What Actually is Athleisure?

Athleisure wear…it’s all in the name! Athleisure is clothing that’s designed to be suited for athletic and fitness-based activities as well as for leisure and indoor-based activities.

So, if you’re looking for something’s great for chilling in…but also ideal for killing workouts in…athleisure is for you!

The athleisure movement began with the concept of multi-purpose training clothing,  that could also be suitably worn outside of the gym. Athleisure brings together the worlds of fashion and sportswear like nothing else! It supports a lifestyle whereby people can be ready to cease their day, whether that involves getting their training in or through looking great whilst they go about their day.

Made from materials and fabrics that are both physically aesthetic as well as breathable and comfortable, athleisure takes combining fashion with functionality to the next level. With such a wide offering of convenience, style and chic…the athleisure movement is definitely here to stay!

The Rise In Athleisure’s Popularity

Athleisure’s popularity is growing at an immense level…and this is mainly down to the amount of value and convenience that athleisure wear can provide. Let’s check out some of the best benefits that wearing athleisure can offer.


Whether your plan is to hit up the gym, go for a jog, to meet the girls for a brunch date or just to lounge around, athleisure can bring support, style and convenience to any occasion.  It really is a great option for pretty much any informal event!


Comfort, Flexibility & Freedom Of Movement

We all know that gym wear should be comfortable, able to support us physically and also able to allow freedom of movement. Well, surely the same goes for the clothes that we chill in? Though loungewear can be super comfy, if you’re looking for multi-purpose loungewear, then the closest thing you have available is athleisure. Athleisure clothes provide comfort and support for any setting type.

Athleisure clothing also supports breathability, which is central for regulating body temperature whilst also supporting the absorption of moisture!


One of the main reasons why athleisure has gained such great levels of popularity is the fact that it’s so convenient! We all face the struggle of deciding what to wear and debating whether our choices are appropriate for our motive. Well, with that in mind, athleisure can save us a great deal of time since it’s suitable for all types of activities.



Athleisure aims to empower wearers through its appearance which is based on fashion that has an “athletic look”. Athleisure is stylish as well as super useful and with so many different styles and choices, shopping for athleisure looks can be pretty fun!

Add Athleisure To Your Wardrobe!

Right, let’s take look at the different types of clothing pieces that can now be found with athleisure styles and designs!

Yoga Pants

Want pants that are perfect for your yoga session but also offer a stylish look for when you grab a coffee afterwards? Athleisure yoga pants combine breathability with fashion…and they look great!



Athleisure trainers, such as dad shoes, provide support, cushioning and a slick athletic look that pops both when you’re training as well as while you go about your daily life.


Matching Sets

Matching athleisure sweat pant and sweat top/hoodie sets will have you dominating any room, whether the room is a place of training or a high street shop. These sets ooze that powerful athletic fashion look and are super pleasing on the eye!


Gym Tops

Athleisure training tops will have you feeling cooler in the summer through their breathable features whilst keeping you warmer during the winter with a chic layer of insulation! These tops will have you looking stylish and ready for any occasion.