Arm Blasting Exercises To Try Out At Home – No Weights? No Problem!

A lot us may think that the use of weights and arm training go hand in hand…but there are actually many creative ways to add resistance to your arm training routine without the need for any weights whatsoever!

Being stuck at home can be draining, but when it comes to your fitness journey, remember that there are no problems, only solutions!

Keep reading as we delve into LBL’s top exercises for targeting and sculpting those biceps, triceps and shoulders from the comfort of your own home!


The Weight Of Our Bodies Is The Best Piece Of Equipment That We Have!

With gyms currently closed, many of us may be in states of panic over no longer being able to load our muscles with weights. Though there’s no doubt that when effectively done, weight training can really drive our fitness progression forwards, it’s also true that their absence this lockdown is a blip which we can definitely work around!

Weight training is based on using resistance to work our muscles. It’s often forgotten that we have the power to incorporate resistance training to any session, and without the need for additional equipment- and how is this done you may ask? Well, the weight of our bodies provides a constant source of resistance, using this weight to load our muscles will certainly create a means for working and targeting them effectively!

You are your own source of home training equipment!


LBL’s Top Bodyweight Arm Exercises

With a desire to remain positive and work around any inconveniences we’re faced with, we can create solutions for any issue - Let’s take a look at our top arm targeting exercises which are ideal for a killer training session at home.

Huns, let’s pump those guns!

The Classic Push-Up / The Knee Supported Push-Up


When it comes to the best functional exercises to target multiple muscle groups, the push-up is right up there! Not only does this exercise target the arms, it also effectively engages the core.

And if you find push-ups difficult, don’t fret! The correct form for push-ups is something that can be developed overtime – a great way to start is through doing the exercise with your knees on the ground, this takes off some of the weight lifted when pushing up from the ground, making it a lot more manageable!

Incline Push-Ups


Like the traditional push-up, the incline push-up is a fantastic functional arms blitzing exercise to do at home. It’s difference from the traditional way is the incline angle (which you probably figured from the name) – this can be executed through using an elevated surface. This exercise will really hit those shoulders whilst also engaging your triceps and core!

Kickboxing Punches

Any of you who’ve experienced any form of martial arts incorporated fitness class will know just how much of a killer throwing punches can be. Try it out for yourself! - a set of 15 thrown punches will not only work your arms but will also have you burning away those calories!

Table Pull-Ups

This is a truly creative way to blitz those biceps at home! Through creating a motion that’s very similar to the traditional pull-up, this exercise allows you to work your back as well as your bi’s!

Tricep Dips

Dips are undoubtedly one of the best exercises for training our triceps! Whether done at home, or at the gym, this exercise is guaranteed to give those arms a serious burn. Using an elevated surface allows you to load your bodyweight onto your arms as you push yourself up.

Planting your feet closer to your body can create more ease when attempting this exercise, making it a perfect variation for those who are new to dips.

The Superman

No training equipment is needed for the superman – an exercise that targets your lower back and glutes as well as your shoulders. This exercise is also fantastic for stretching the body, and in doing so, warding off injuries!

Side Plank

The side plank does a great job for building shoulder strength, working the core and also developing stability. Try it out- aim to hold the side plank position for 30 seconds on each side. Or start with a shorter timeframe as you build that shoulder and core power overtime!


Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Your training routines can be as imaginative and as creative as you wish for them to be! When it comes to resistance-based exercises, our own body weight can and will always be a great tool to utilise. With so many bodyweight variation exercises out there, let’s try some out and see where they take us!