8 habits of fit women

Being fit is a lifestyle. Once you have done all the hard work of getting to your desired fitness level, maintaining it requires you to live a certain way; fitness becomes part of your daily routine and not just something you do here and there. Being a fit woman requires attention and consistency and there are some habits that all fit women have. This article will look at some of those habits and will go deeper into why they are effective.

What does it mean to be fit?

Being a fit woman doesn’t necessarily mean being skinny or having abs. Being fit and healthy simply means to be active and to take care of your body. Women of any body type can be fit and healthy and this is determined simply by the amount of effort they put into their exercise regime and their diet. Everyone is built differently and has different goals and ambitions with their bodies. Being fit, therefore, can be measured in different ways but there are fundamental practices that all fit women incorporate into their lives. These include:

  1. Sticking to a routine

Sticking to a routine is one of the most important ways to, not only become a fit woman in the first place, but to maintain your fitness. Consistency is the essential to maintaining your fitness level and having a routine is the best way to ensure you are being as consistent as possible. Your routine doesn’t have to be the strictest thing in the world, but it must, at the very least, provide a structure for you to follow, daily, weekly, and monthly. Fit women understand this and ensure that they are consistent with everything regarding their fitness regime including working out, diet, and rest.

  1. Being conscious of what they eat

Fit women are conscious about what they put into their bodies and ensure that they are getting all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and calories that their bodies need. Eating the proper number of meals per day, being aware of the types of food they are consuming and structuring their day so that they are eating at the right times throughout the day are all things that fit women do. They understand that they don’t need to go on fad diets or be extremely strict with their diets. They just ensure that they are eating clean and healthy and are consuming enough food to maintain their fitness level.

  1. Making sure to stay hydrated

Fit women know that staying hydrated throughout the day is extremely important and ensure that they are drinking a lot of water throughout the day before, during, and after their workouts. Staying hydrated allows your body and your muscles to function to the best of their ability and it is crucial that you are drinking water consistently throughout the day.

  1. Constantly trying new things

Fit women are always trying new things. They understand that, in order for them to be consistent, they need to be interested and feel challenged by their workouts. This can be in the form of trying a new exercise in the gym, trying a new workout routine, going on a different route when they run, or signing up for a class. Whatever it is, they are constantly challenging themselves and trying new things.

  1. Getting enough rest

Fit women understand that getting enough rest is just as important as working out and ensure that they are getting enough rest throughout the day and the week. They also practice active rest which means that they do some form of less intensive exercise on their rest days, like going for a walk, which gets blood to their muscles and helps them to remain flexible and avoid stiffness and injury. Doing too much exercise and not allowing yourself to rest leads to burnout and injury and can result in you losing all of the fitness progress that you worked so hard to achieve in the first place. Fit women understand this and make sure to incorporate adequate rest time into their routines.

  1. Not comparing themselves to others

Fit women understand that, by constantly comparing themselves to other people and not focusing on their own journey, they are reducing their own motivation and are sabotaging themselves. As a result, they instead focus on their fitness goals and avoid comparing themselves to each other. This also helps to keep their mental health high which allows them to perform to the best of their ability when exercising, as well as the other areas in their lives.

  1. Knowing how to prioritise

Fit women know what is important to them and make them a priority in their lives. They understand that being fit is a lifestyle and, in order to maintain it, they will have to sacrifice certain things. This doesn’t mean, however, that they do not allow themselves to enjoy life. They, rather, are very particular and intentional with their time in order to ensure that they are meeting their personal and fitness goals, while still being able to enjoy life.

  1. Having an exercise buddy/group

It can be very difficult to maintain a high fitness level by yourself. It is always easier to achieve challenging things when you have the support of friends, like-minded people, or a support group/community. Fit women understand this and, therefore, usually have an exercise buddy or a fitness group that they are part of. This allows them to have someone/people that they are accountable to which helps them to remain motivated and passionate about their fitness.


Being fit is a lifestyle and requires a lot of time, effort, and attention to be successful. Fit women understand this and there are certain things that all fit women do and habits that they all have. By sticking to these habits, fit women are able to remain consistent and maintain their fitness. It is definitely not easy to maintain fitness, however, and requires a great deal of commitment. By sticking to these habits, fit women are able to effectively maintain their lifestyle and be the best versions of themselves.