5 Of the Best Activities for That Perfect Figure

A healthy lifestyle can be presented through a strong and fit physique. Some of us girls may be expert fitness session planners or athletes, whereas others may simply want to exercise with the aim of boosting our lives and sculpting  a fit women's body.  As well as this, many of us are looking to build a healthy self-esteem through exercising and being active. For those of us who lack fitness experience yet still want to chase your fitness goals, the thought of going to the gym can be overwhelming and intimidating. This guide looks at some unique exercises and activities we can introduce to our lifestyle’s as we aim to fulfil our fitness aspirations!

Five Fitness Boosting Activities

Regardless of your age or fitness experience, these universal exercises can massively support you on your mission to become as  fit as a fiddle. These exercises have also been proven to reduce the risk of disease and illness and the great thing about them is their universality, making them appropriate choices for anyone and everyone.



  • Swimming

  • For those seeking an activity that works the whole body and also supports a boosted cardiovascular health, swimming is the ideal option. Through being a water-based activity, swimming can additionally  help to relieve stressed joints and ligaments. With this in mind, swimming is a great option for those with joint issues as it's less weight-bearing than other activities. 

    Research has also found  that swimming can  improve your psychological state and supports increased mental clarity.

    With no pressure to swim at a certain level, find your nearest pool and jump right in!

  • Tai Chi Chinese Training

  • Looking to push yourself through a new and unique routine? The Tai Chi Chinese workout strategy is certainly demanding but can be  truly beneficial for both the psyche and body.  

    Tai chi is comprised of a progression of agile movements and actions. Though Tai Chi is often associated with competitive martial arts combatting, the training element of this martial art can be a great for improving both fitness and muscular strength. With so many people around the world now using this type of training to better their lifestyle’s and meet new people, it has become a popular alternative exercising option . Classes are offered at different levels making it great for beginners and newbies!

  • Weightlifting

  • Whether your focus is to lose weight, gain strength or tone up, weightlifting can be incorporated into your routine to target your specific aims. For those looking to gain muscle mass and power, higher weight exercises with a lower repetition range are your recipe. On the other hand, performing weightlifting exercises with lower weights but a higher repetition range will enable you to sculpt a more defined and toned body. The great thing about weightlifting is the sheer variety of exercises that are available for each body part. Keep things interesting and exciting through trying out new weightlifting exercises with each training session!

  • Walking

  • An activity that is executed to some extent by us all, walking is a great way to keep your body on the move without exerting a great amount of energy. Moreover, walking can help to lower cholesterol levels, support bone health, facilitate increased mental clarity and lower your risk of various illnesses such as diabetes and coronary illness. Not only is walking a massively convenient form of exercise, it’s an activity which supports us in getting out and taking in the fresh air. Exercising indoors can be great, but our outdoor lives can truly play a massive role in grounding us to the present moment, something that is extremely valuable during a time where our lives are absolutely non-stop with a constant flow of information intake.

    Mix up your walking routine through using different routes and areas..get out and truly take in the beauty of each day!

  • Kegel Exercises

  • Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Good health of the  pelvic floor muscles can actually help to prevent the incontinence of being overweight. Constituting of progressive and controlled contractions and relaxations, Kegel exercises can be executed at any time and in any setting, making them a massively flexible and versatile option. A great exercise that is practiced daily by fit women globally!


    A Unique Approach to Creating Your Dream Body

    Exercising can be as creative and unique as you allow it to be. Though strict regimes can be effective, engaging activities targeting multiple body parts can equally play a key role in helping you step closer to fulfilling your dream physique. Think outside the box and start making the fitness progression that you desire!