5 Lock-Down Workout Ideas for Women - Tips for Flatter Tummy


Fed-up of your muffin top or apple-shaped figure? Don't be! All bodies are beautiful however, it's completely fair to long for a flatter stomach so you feel even more comfortable in all your bikinis. So, say good-bye to all that worrisome flab and get shredded with these flat belly ideas. Oh, wait! Before you start, make sure you have on suitable attire such as a high-support sports bra. It's time to get moving now that you have your shock absorber sports bra on ready for all your fitness manoeuvres. With your strong determination and hard work, your belly will be drenched in sweat with this strenuous workout. We know by now that you can't spot-reduce fat, but we need to give it our all to blast away those fat cells and it is not a piece of cake. We want you to stay focused and think about how great you'll be feeling after completing these exercises. Let’s go!

Don't skip warm-up before any workout as it's totally mandatory for your general bone and muscle well-being. You must warm-up for at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to any workout. Next, go easy on your body and do not rush. Keep appropriate postures and stay in a proper stance at all time to avoid over-stressing muscles. Wear comfortable shoes and make sure you have a good, supportive fitness gear on, like seamless soft leggings and comfortable running shoes.

Make sure you make the necessary diet changes if you actually want to see results.It is recommended to eat a balanced diet based on a myriad of different, healthy food options. It would help if you adopted clean eating as a major lifestyle change for best results.

We have combined the best home workouts to stay fit at home while fighting the pandemic. Check out this belly fat-busting list of exercises you can instantly try at home: 


Sit-ups are meant to strengthen your abs. They are a great core workout.

Performing a sit-up: Lie down straight on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor, right in front of your hips. Make a cross with your arm above your chest and simply push your self to sit-up. You will be able to feel some tension on your abdominals while you lift up your body. Stay there for 2 secs and come back to the starting posture.

Recommended reps: 20


Ideal for abdominal muscles and glutes toning. They put your core fat on fire.

Performing planks: Lay flat on the floor on your belly and suck in your belly as far inside as you can. Now you need to prop up your body weight on your arms with both hands placed on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Make sure that you count to 20 before giving up and that you are wearing a sports bra for support. With time, you will see that you can hold your self in plank position for more than 20, 30, 40, 60 seconds and so on.

Cross-Body Crunch

If you want to cut down fat from your thighs and abdominals together, this is a perfect workout for you.

Performing - cross-body crunch: Stand straight with an erect spine, and feet as wide as your shoulder-width. Next, lift hands beside your head and lift your knee while bringing forward the opposite elbow. You have to do this while simultaneously rotating your waist, allowing your elbow to touch the knee slightly before you go back to the standing position.

Recommended reps: 15

Hollow Body Hold

It is a must workout for those targeting lower abdominal muscles.

Performing Hollow Body Hold: Kick start this exercise by resting flat on your back. Extend arms straight above the head and keep your legs straight. Now, you need to tense your abdominals while keeping your legs together. Next, raise both your arms, shoulders, trunk and legs off the floor. Make sure that your lower back is in contact with the floor. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds and then start over.

Recommended reps: 5-10 times. 

Hip Lifts

This exercise focuses on your lower abdominals.

Performing Hip Lifts: This easy-to-learn workout is initiated from a laying position. Lay down flat on a hard surface and keep your arms beside your trunk. Next, while keeping legs close together, bend your legs just above hip level. Now straighten legs in the direction of the roof. Slowly lift your hips off the floor and hold for a few seconds. Come back to the starting position now. Make sure that your belly-button is sucked inside towards spine while you lift your lower body up.

Recommended reps: 15 times.

Good luck and have a great lock-down workout at the comfort of your home, also have a look at the range of high performance products we have on offer to help you power through your sessions in comfort and style.