What to look out for when choosing workout gear
Having the right gear when working out is extremely important to working out effectively and efficiently. It is essential to have workout gear that is optimised for the workouts/exercises you will doing and that fit well and are comfortable. There are certain things you should look for when choosing your workout gear.
Top 6 reasons why proper workout gear is important
Having the right equipment and tools when working out is very important and this includes your clothes. Workout gear is designed specifically for the types of exercises and movements that you will be doing in the gym and help to improve performance, provide, support, and give you confidence while working out.
Athleisure – When Fitness Clothing Meets Everyday Wear!

To put it simply, athleisure is a type of hybrid clothing that combines features of fitness wear with everyday clothing! What started as a trend, athleisure is fast becoming a wardrobe staple for women worldwide!

Keep reading as we explore what athleisure is and some great pieces of athleisure clothing that can compliment any wardrobe!

Unleash Your Inner Sportswoman!

Exercise can come in multiple forms, from getting a sweat on in the gym to linking up with friends to train for a team sport. Since this blog is about sport and sports clothing, this blog is going to explore the world of sport and what to look out for when shopping for sportswear!

No matter who you are, what your age is or what level of experience you have…sport can add a whole new dimension to your fitness journey. Not only does sport support your fitness progression, it can also introduce you to the world of collective exercise!

Workout Wardrobe Tips - Return To The Gym With The Right Gear!

With gyms set to reopen in April, the long wait that we’ve all been enduring is finally about to come to an end! With the relief of the gym life returning comes the need to consider what workout gear we’ll be stepping into the gym in.

Wearing the right activewear while we workout can actually impact how well we train in many ways…from boosted comfort, to more confidence to more physical support. Workout clothes can play a massive role in how well we train!

Keep reading as we take a look at some of the most important activewear features to look out for when choosing workout clothing that can really support you on your fitness journey!

The benefits of using workout calendars
Workout plans are important aspects of every workout regimen and it is important to know the days you will be working out for the week, the types of workouts you will be doing, and the exercises you will be doing. The best way to record and organise this information is to use a personalised workout calendar.
How to make your own workout plan
Going to the gym and working out can be an extremely rewarding experience. In order to maximise your time during and get the most out of your workouts, having a workout plan is extremely important. They can be difficult to make, however, but there are some simple steps that you can take to make this process easier
Healthy & Delicious Hydration – Coconut Water!

With water making up so much of what’s inside our bodies, hydration is a massive part of our lives. Consuming enough water each day is vital for countless reasons….from regulating body temperature, to delivering nutrients to cells, to keeping bones and joints lubricated to even improving sleep quality!

But…did you know that you can approach your H20 intake with a hint of fun and creativity?

The world of drinks can be full of sugar and a colossal amount of calories…but there are also delicious, organic and really healthy  options for us to explore too! Ladies, in today’s blog, we’ll be looking at coconut water! We’ll be looking at what is actually is, how it’s made and the benefits that drinking coconut water can bring to your life!

Whey Protein! – Is It Right For You?

When it comes to protein supplementation, whey protein is probably the most popular and well-known choice of supplement. But what actually is whey protein? And can it help you with your fitness goals?

Keep reading as we explore the world of whey and take a look at how it can be a really handy supplement when accompanied with a healthy diet and effective training!

Nutrition Hacks - Metabolism Boosting Foods!

To put it in the simplest of terms, metabolism describes the continuous processes that occur inside our bodies to keep our organs functioning normally and just to overall keep us alive! A healthy metabolism means that such processes take place within us at a healthy rate – we rely on our metabolism for all kinds of processes, from breathing, to digesting what we eat, to even blood circulation!

Age, sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating are all matters which can have a detrimental effect on our metabolism, causing it to slow down. Luckily, there are foods that can actually boost our metabolism!

Keep reading as we discuss what our metabolism actually is, how we can support it and some great metabolism-boosting foods that we should all include in our diets!

How to start working out as a beginner
Working out can seem like a daunting task and actually starting to workout can often be the most difficult part of the process. There are things you can do/focus on, however, in order to make starting to work out a lot easier and will allow the process to move a lot smoother. Don't let your fear of working out hold you back!
The best way to get abs!
Abs are probably the most coveted muscle group and represent one of the main goals that people have when they start working out for the first time. Getting abs isn't easy, and it requires a lot of hardwork and consistency. There are simple steps you can take to get abs, however, and if you work at it, it is acheivable!
LBL’s Guide To Cyber Monday

This week, here at LBL we’ve been covering the global shopping sensation, Black Friday, one day of each year where shops and websites offer unmissable discounts for the masses! However, when it comes to a day that’s dedicated to offering consumers with bargains and more bang for their buck, Black Friday isn’t the only option….

The Monday that follows the weekend of Black Friday is known as Cyber Monday! Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is also all about offering promotions and great discounts to shoppers. Want to know more? Keep reading as we delve into the world of Cyber Monday and look at some great ways to make the most of it!

Preparing For Black Friday 2021 – Plan For Bargain Securing Success!
Black Friday is not just an event, it’s an opportunity to secure bargains that can not only boost your shopping needs but also your fitness goals! Keep reading as we explore some great ways that you can prepare yourself for Black Friday 2021 and how you can ensure that the day is a success when it comes to securing fitness-based bargains!
Black Friday – The Biggest Sales Event Of The Year!

You may all know Black Friday as a globally renowned sales event that takes place every November…but with the impact of the pandemic, the last Black Friday certainly didn’t have the usual presence of hustle and bustle on our high street shops.

However, don’t fret! With things finally starting to look more promising, you can expect to see Black Friday thriving again this year!

Keep reading as we talk about how this global sales event came about and how we can use it to our benefit as we seek out those bargains that are not only great for our savings but are also brilliant for our fitness journeys!

The Best Free Yoga Apps!

Regardless of your age, background or level of experience, yoga can offer you a world of benefits, both physical and mental!

With technology now making every type of experience accessible from the tips of our fingers, it’s no surprise that you can now reap the rewards that yoga has to offer with the help of your mobile phone! Keep reading as we highlight some of the best benefits that yoga can bring to our lives as well as look at some of the best apps that you can download today for free!

Nutrition Hacks - Vegan Snacks That Are Packed With Protein!

With more and more of us becoming aware of the profound health benefits that vegetarian and vegan eating can offer, it’s no surprise that such eating habits have seen such a rise in popularity. The benefits of eating a diet containing no meat or dairy goes beyond the health perks involved, this approach to nutrition is also absolutely fantastic for the environment!

When it comes the topic of protein, however, there is a common misconception that vegan diets = insufficient protein…this is wrong! A well-planned meat and dairy free diet can actually still provide you with all the nutrients that you need - this is something we’ll discuss more within this blog.

Join us as we explore the value that vegetarian and vegan diets can deliver to our lives! We’ll also be taking a look at some delicious vegan snacks that’re great for the planet as well as the taste buds…

5 best exercises for training traps
Traps are one of the most difficult parts of the back to train and see growth. There are, however, exercises that you can do to effectively train your traps and see results.
Why cheat meals are important
Cheat meals are an important aspect of your diet and should be considered when planning your meals for the week. Cheat meals are calculated and planned breaks, or ‘cheats’, in your strict diet plan that usually takes the form of indulgent or unhealthy foods. This article explores the benefits of cheat meals and the best cheat meal options.
Give Your Diet A Boost! – 10 Foods That’re High In Antioxidants

Antioxidants are massively praised for the nutritional and physical boost that they can give to our diets and lifestyles…but there’s also some confusion around what they actually are and what their role is.

Luckily, we have you covered with our guide on what they are, the rewards that you can reap from an antioxidant rich diet and some delicious food sources that can provide our bodies with antioxidants in abundance!

The Best Energy Boosting Fruits That Are Great For Weight Loss!

It’s universally known that fruits are a natural and organic source of goodness and nutrition! But it’s also important to consider that overindulging in the natural sugariness of fruits can have its consequences too. This creates a bit of a dilemma….especially, if you’re looking to shed some pounds.

Luckily, LBL have your back! In this blog we’ll be taking a look at the best fruits to have in your diet when the journey that you’re on is one that aims to achieve weight loss. Fruits can not only be a natural energy-boosting source of nutrition; they can also support weight loss!